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3 1648 00417 8322 


04) 1 


1 (47) 1 




— / 

The sky has never been the limit. We are our own ^ i 
limits. It's then about breaking our personal \Sy&t£f/7 
limits and outgrowing ourselves /-v f / 
to live our best lives" 

1 Wildcat Way 
Weymouth, AAA 

.... • . . X ... . . . , v . ' .'. ...... 1. . . '". ■ • ■ ■ ■ • • I • ■■ . . . 

Class of 

It sure left it's mark on us, we sure left our mark on it 

We let the world know we were here, with everything we did 

We laid a lot of memories down, like tattoos on this town. 

-Jason Aldean 
Tattoos on this Town 

A. QMessage frcmi the Q&emefr &kss President 

To The Qass ofioiy. 

Many fairy talcs begin with the age old chche *Once upon a time" a sentiment which has been echoed for 
centuries beginning many tales of adventure, loss, and of course joy. Within the pages of this yearbook, you will 
find the recreation of your very own fairy tale. You will remember the heroes you had in friends, teachers, and 
coaches, all of which have given you the power to fight the fierce dragons that many times seemed like an 
impossible task. However, each one of you has declared a personal victory, each one of you has defeated more 
than one dragon, and each one of you has gained experience and knowledge to succeed. As you bring these 
pictures and words to Me remember the lessons and remember the heroes. 

This is not the end of our story. We will forever be the class of 201] and the strength that we have gained from 
each other will forever be an innate part of our characters. This journey brought all of us together to one place 
where we became more than peers and more than acquaintances, together we became graduates. The bright 
white pages of this book may fade, but the meaning and memories that are ascribed to them will forever remain 
a vibrant burst of hope and happiness. Graduating opens another chapter and it is up to us to keep the stories of 
the past close because they will shape our future. Go confidently in the direction of your dreams knowing that 
you have heroes to support you and that you are quite possibly the hero to someone else. 

Marissa Varrasso 
Weymouth High School 
Qass President 2013 

6 message from the class president 



30 13 

20 o 13 

are < 



Megan Abban 

Elise Abbene 

Brianna Abdallah 

Sondra Almeida 

Nostia Amazan 

Whitney Ambler 

Matthew Anderson 

Ryan Andrews 

Phillip Ang 

Amanda Anglin 

Albert Anzuoni 

Paul Archibald 

Katie Arnold 

Brianna Arthur 

Erin Baker 

Francis Baker 

Bryan Balonis 

Emalee Barbosa 

' >4 

Noah Barden 


Molly Barker 

Kelley Barrett 

Jonathan Barrows 

Clara Barthelcmy 

Joseph Bavis 

Samantha Beaton 

Amanda Beaudoi 

Kaitlyn Bonner 

Joseph Brancaccio 

Steven Bransfield 

Jordan Breton 

Erin Brigham 

Jason Brooks 


Emily Burke 

Kelsey Burr 

Amanda Busby 



Meaghan Butler 

Ryan Byrnes 

Brianna Cady 

Joshua Cain 

Brian Calabro 

Courtney Camillo 


Jillian Caplice 

Geovana Cardozo 

Daniel Carpenter 

Kyle Champagne Alexis Chase Marisol Chase Melissa Chin 

Devon Crook 

Thomas Crosby 

Keison Cunningham 

Janelle Currier 

Justine Currier 

Danielle Damigella 

Katelyn Damigella 

Christopher Daniel 

Nicole Daukas 

Christopher Davern 

Aidan Davis 

Stephanie Davis 

Kristina Dias 

Natalia DiConzo 

Dominic DiNino 

Christopher Dodd 

$ei.i*r$ - CUSS of ^Ofe 

Colin Feeney 

Patrick Fennell 

Ashley Ferrante 

Ashley Field 

Matthew Finnerty 

Emily Fitzgerald 

Morgan Fitzgibbon 

Maeve Flaherty 

Rory Flukes 

Kristina Flynn 

Cory Folsom 

Kelsey Foulsham 

Balthazar Francois 

Molly Gallagher 

Joshua Gallant 

Giulia Gallinella 

Imani Gardner 

Molly Geden 

Thomas Gervasi 

Kelsey Gessner 

Shaina Gilbert 

Evio Gjura 

Michael Glavin 

Matthew Glover 

Simiano GomesCenteio 

Brittany Goodwin 

Kristin Graham 

Scott Greenwood 

Stephen Grey 

Corey Griffin 

Brittany Grochal 

Andrew Grondin 

Steven Guerard 

Sarah Hadar 

Ani Hollisian 

Dorian Janga 

^»f»rS - CUSS of ^Ofe 

Julia Hoyt 

Margo Hughes 

Joseph Jankord 

Thais Jardim 

Robert Hultin 

Sean Jenkins 

>hawn Jennette 

Jake Jensen 

Sara Joy 

Alexandra Kabachus 

§eni*ri - CUSS »f 

Jennifer Kimball Alexandra King Jordan Kinnear Nahashon Kirika 

Paige Lambert James Lamour Michael Lanahan Vanessa Lane 


^•iorS - CUSS *f 2.<M3 

Jennifer Laracy 

Brett LeBarron 

Brian Larsen Green 

Kevin Le 

Tan Le 

Kyle Lebherz 

Jeremie LeBlanc 

Jack Lehan 

Michelle Lento 

Michael Leonard 

Steven Libby 

Abbey Liebert 

Eileen MacKintire 

Jessica MacNeil 

Ryan MacNeil 

Erin Mahoney 

Shane McNamara Samantha McPhee Sean McWade Courtney Meagher 

Samuele Mezzetti Nicolas Micelotta 

Emily Millen 

Michael Miller 

Travis Minor 

Steven Miskinis 

Natasha Mitchell 

Frederick Monia Matthews Christopher Montana 

Jarred Montero 

Derek Mooter 

Courtney Morahan 

Kevin Morrissey 

Ashley Moscone 

0i * 

■ V 



Taylor Motta 

Abbey Mount 

Melissa Muentes 

Kellie Mulcahy 

Shannon Mullaney 

Christine Murphy 

Sean Murphy 

Briana Naoum 

Joseph Nardone 

Serena Nash 

Nolan Nasuti 

Michael Naughton 

Shannon O'Leary 

Kristen Orfanello 

John Osterman 

Melissa Osterman 

Kayla O'Toole 

Jeannette Pacheco 

Jonathon Palmer 

Nolan Parsley 

Seva Patel 

Shaili Patel 

Shefali Patel 

Alexander Paul 

Eric Pelosi 

Adriana Perez 

Isabella Perfetuo 

Elizabeth Perrotta 

David Peterson 

Thomas Petrangelo 

Johnson Phan 

Jennifer Philemond 

Nicole Pimentel 

Sarah Pineau 

Kasey Pires 

James Reilly 

Carlos Reyes 

Taylor Rheault 

Rachel Ricciuti 

Michael Richardson 

Bridget Riley 

Jill Riley 

Allison Ritchie 

Joseph Rizzitano 

Andrew Roberts 

Lucas Rocha 

Zachary Rogers 

Asad Sajjad Drew Saltmarsh Ayala Sampaio Gabrielle Sanders 

Caroline Smart Adam Snow Kaitlyn Solares 



Erin Soule 

Stephanie Sousa 

Anthony Spadorcia 

Nicole Spano 

Sean Stanton 

Michael Steinkrauss 

Kelly Stella 

Emilee Stevens 

Cody Sullivan 

Damien Taitt 

Analiza Tavares 

Brendan Tevenan 

Courtney Thomas 

Christopher Thornton 

Cody Tilton 

Lauren Timmins 

Liam Torney 

Gabrielle Toro-McCue 

Sara Toye 

Nicole Travers 

Charlotte Tucci 

Michael Umano 

David Vallier Jr. 

Manssa Varrasso 

Cassandra Veillette 

William Villodas 

Mark Vitello 


Ryan Wahlberg 

faori - CAM of 0-6^ 

Kyle Walker 

Tyler Walton 

Sarah Waters 

Breanna Webb 

Shawn Weikel 

Amarius White 

Courtney Whitman 

Kaylee Willard 

Jessica Woolf 

Sarah Wyman 

Danielle Zabala 

Ryan Barker, Danielle Batista, Jeremy Bell, Serah Bello, Tyler Carbone, McKenzie Conrad-Hill, 
Kelsey DeBello, Clenisse DeBrito, Christian DeStefano, Zachary Devine, Michelle DiBiasie, 

Lauren Diggin, Cory Gray, Gennaro Hock, Adam Jeswald, Jared Jordan, Joseph Jordan, 
Christopher Keeley, Anthony Kelly, Carl Lamarre, Melanie Leavitt, Aaron Lewis, Nichole 
Madeira, Michael McAndrews, Francielle Mourisso, Alan Schneider, Kevin Shruhan, Christian 
Smith, Michael Smith, Akere Tambi, Christopher Tanguay, Tuan Tran, Conor Wilson. 



"he Dollyrots 


Such pretty eyes 

.1 workout 

5 -Superlatives 

Most Athletic 

Sean Murphy and Jen Kimball 

Best All Around 

Marissa Varrasso and Mark Vitello 

Cutest Couple 

Josh Cain and Sara Joy 

Best Dancer 

Dorian Janga and Emma Toye 

Biggest Flirt Best Laugh 

Jack Lehan and Erin Brigham Nicole Daukas and Rory Flukes 

5 -Superlatives 

Most Dramatic Class Teddy Bear 

Sabrina Constant and Tommy Hickey Nostia Amazan and James Lamour 

ClaSS Of 

Most Unique Style 

Matt Hardman and Vanessa Lane 

Best Friends 

Jack Lynch and Mike Powers 
Molly Duggan and Kaylan Keddy 

>■ Superlatives 

Most Likely to be Famous 

Daron English and Janelle Currier 

Most Likely to be 
Late for Graduation 

Jackie Cipolla and Kyle Scott 

Most Likely to Succeed 

Phil Ang and Melissa Chin 

Most Musical 

Chris Coppola and Kerrin Connolly 

Class of 

Class Klutz 

Sean Kupris and Emily Burke 

Gossip Guy/Girl 

Steve Bransfield and Sara Toye 




dances & 


The Wanted 

jan Fitzgibbon and Molly 
er on Halloween 

Ultimate frisbee at Senior Palooza 

A group of friends after the BIG Picture 

Since before •freSbrtMft yetr, [Ue Senior c|*SS b«S tee* *tte*Jf»^ 
J*»ceS **J events if>°*WeJi ty tt«e Scfco«|. m«iiy «f tke Seni«rS, 
be]i**i*] vJitu tUe htu &r*U 1>**te mJI centiftVi*^ kUr°v<\U Senior 
pro* & <jr^y*ti°n, U«fe J*nceS *njl evte*t$ f>r<>\/Me [i*tte f °r 
meeting fe*fle }r«wfi»} t|°Ser *S * cUSS. 


56 events & dauoes 

58 events & danoes 

Senior Palooza is an event where seniors gather in the 
student parking lot and celebrate the new school year with 
| a cookout before the first home football game. Students 

I enjoy socializing, eating and participating in fun activities. 

events & dances 63 


The girls soccer 
team (below 
right) all 

dressed as nuns. 

Above, students in Mrs. Karnes' class sported 
a variety of costumes this Halloween. Below 
Left Mr. Duseau dresses up as a skeleton in 
his math class. 

66 events & dances 


opportunity to be whatever they desire without being judged by others. 
Individuals, as well as groups and teams dress up in a variety of costumes 
that can say a lot about who they are or who they aren't. On Halloween, 
individuality and creativity are praised by students and teachers alike. 

Left Cameron 
Newton dresses 
as a tourist, 
while Morgan 
(Right) barely 
fits into her car 
in her giraffe 

The volleyball team (right) dressed as 
lifeguards. Ryan MacDougall (below left) 
dresses as Luigi from Mario Brothers yet 
still takes his math seriously. 

13 * t* n 

events & dances 67 

events & dances 69 

wee let 

i O 

Ugly Sweater Contest takes 
place on the day before 
Holiday Break. It's an 
event that encourages 
students to dress in their 
"ugliest" holiday sweaters 
to bring the holiday season 
to WHS. There are usually 
prizes given for the best 
sweater - aka: the ugliest! 



events & dances 71 

74 events & dances 

76 events & dances 

Walk with a Wildcat is an annual event that provides incoming freshmen with 
information about the high school. It is an evening of fun & excitement. After a 
presentation in the school auditorium, current WHS students volunteer to give 
the newcomers a tour of the school. The potential freshmen meet with fa 
and administrators to make the transition into high school a little 

m f 

1 , 'W1 

; ii i »'i I n 


events & dances 77 

The Blizzard of 2013 
cut Spirit Week short 
this year by a few days. 
No school on 2.8.13, 
2.11.13, a 2 hour delay 
on 2.12.13, plus a half 
day on 2.13.13 makes 
for a very easy week 
before February Break! 

80 events & dances 

events & dances 81 


WHS seniors' most talented guys take the stage in hopes of outwitting and 
outwearing each other to be crowned MR. WHS. This event is not only 
entertaining, it also benefits its participants. The contestants of Mr. WHS 
fund-raise in order to provide a scholarship for both the first and second 
runner ups, as well as the winner. This years winner: Tim Dennehey. 

f ' 


events & dances 83 



84 events & danoea 


Wild Hittghs V 

Before tUe \e]e*Ai 

U«y St>t«J 'ff «S little WflJ Kittys. Jfere, «S wi|j kitU»S, 
«Vr *UUteS |««m<J *|| *f U<? Skill* U*t U«/ n«e^j t° te 
°n U<? t°f in Ui]U icU 00 \ *UUtitS. 


- Queen 

&alU ye*r, oy r W4f^ Sf°rtS t>**$ try t° tteir frei/J«t/S Sc*S«nS *nj 

ye [Ue kSt U*t tfcey t** tc. from f 00 U*|I t° A**ce \,e** t \fl/ey**tfU 
Sf°rtS t«**S vtihte [Ueir tUeeri*] {V m'twitt * **J i»S^fr^tf®» t° 
|e*J the* t° v^ict°ry. 1%**$ <W°U time ^«»Jl energy t° tkei> V° r t 

Texm Roster 

Seniors: Brendan Adams. Kyle 
Adams. Joshua Berg. Kenan Cerkez. 
John Lynch. Michael Lynch. Thomas 
Petrangelo. James Reilly. Lucas Rocha, 
Akere Tambi. Liam Torney 

Juniors: John Anderson, Peter 
Dirksmeier. Steve Lanata. Joe Long. Brian 
O'Reilly. Jeff Perez. Lucas Rezende-Verge 

Sophomores: Jake Davenport. 
Anthony Henson. Connor Hudson-Bryant, 
Jake Lovely. Austin Maskell 

Freshmen: Shane Adams 

Texm Roster 

Seniors: Katie Arnold. Stephanie Carvalho. 
Marina Destefanis. Rossy Herrera-Maldonado. Jen 
Kimball. Abbey Liebert. Paige Mathewson, Rachel 
McGrath. Michaela Stuart. Gabi Toro-McCue 

Juniors: Kristen Keefe. Abbv Killeen. Danielle 
Kurciviez. Katie Leahy. Sarah O'Connor 

Sophomores: Jess Kurciviez, Hillary Temple 

Freshmen: Jenn Meals. Emily Perriello. Ally 
Reynolds. Kate Roserson. Kathn Salerno. Jill Smith 


RECORD: 9—3 






Nolan Parsley 

Jake Jensen 

Matthew Murphy 

Te>im Roster 

Seniors: Joshua Gallant, Shawn Jennette. 
Jake Jensen, Tim McCue, Nolan Parsley, 
Cody Tilton 

Juniors: Fahad Akhtar, Will Carroll, 
Matt Clark, Matt Duggan, Joe Mulcahy, Matt 

Sophomores: Brendan Campbell, 
Frederick Connelly, Domenic Dellamano, 
Mark Jaklitsch, Zach Prescott, Max Young 

Freshmen: Christian Arce, Dan Beaton, 
Sam Brown, Brendan Connolly, Mike 
Dwyer, Jake Fidrocki, Ross Fitzgibbon, 
Christopher Giacobbe, Sam Martin. Nikhil 
Pandeti. Rohith Parvathaneni, Donald 
Stevenson, Jared Thorns, James Walsh 


RECORD: 0-3 

Cross Courtrv 

TEyqm Roster 

Seniors: Molly Barker, Jackie Cipolla, Ailish 
Coughlin. Erin Dolan, Morgan Fitzgibbon, Giulia 
Gallinella, Kristin Graham, Sarah Hadar, Eileen 
MaeKintire, Rachel Ricciuti, Jill Riley, Emilee 
Stevens, Sarah Wyman 

Juniors: Alyssa Beady, Julianne Bransfield, 
Alycia Carney, Amanda Flaherty, Erin Ransom, 
Kerri Reardon, Michelle Thornton, Shannon Wood 

Sophomores: Ashley Betts, Molly Butler, 
Emma Donnelly, Jade Foote, Shauna Haley, Julia 
Hernandez, Lauren Jensen, Rylie Murray, Sam 
Pelley, Olivia Powers 

Freshmen: Emily Dickson, Kacie Higgins, 
Brigid McCue, Olivia Owen, Emma Sullivan 

RECORD: 3-8 

Golf TG>im 

Seniors: Brian Biagini, Thomas Hickey, Kevin 
Marsters, Mike McAndrews, Kevin Morrissey, 
Mike O'Brien, Joshua Primiano, Zack Rogers, 
Christopher Thornton 

Juniors: Pat Coleman, Patrick Duffin, Ryan 
Mahoney, Nick Mitrano 

Sophomores: David Joseph, Brendan 
Nardone, Mario Picariello 

Freshmen: Nick Argire, Joshua Blackwood, 
Matt Coleman, Connor Duane, Brendan Farragher, 
Chris Flipp, Nick Jalbert, Jonathan Meade, Colin 
Milch, Michael Morrissey, Robert Parker, Brandon 
Phillips, Timothy Rheault, Christian Rogers, John 
Rouzaut, Eric Sacchetti, Marc Stokes, Robert 


Juniors: Caitlin Gaughan 

Sophomores: Megan Foley, Jenn 
Foster, Aimee Holbrook, Dancho Ivanov, 
Hannah Kertanis 

Freshmen: Emily Cronin, Abigail 
Hart, Olivia Johnston, Elizabeth Sheridan 

Texm Rqstef 

Seniors: Kelley Barrett. Abbey 
Mount. Melissa Osterman 

Juniors: Sarah Burke. Alana DeBello. 
Katie DiCesare, Courtney Farrell. Sarah 
Finnigan, Kiley Smiddy 

Sophomores: Colleen Perry 

DxncE TE»m 

Te^m Roster 

Seniors: Elise Abbene. Brianna Abdallah. 
Erin Brigham. Melissa Chin. Janelle Currier. 
Justine Cumer. Kristina Flynn. Sarah Hart. 
Julia Hoyt. Alexandra 0*Hara. Isabella 
Perfetuo. Emma Toye. Sara Toye 

Juniors: Courtney Dilworth. Haleish 
Dion. Kelsey Kenney. Tiffany O'Keefe. Jenn 

Sophomores: Madison Dwyer. Jillian 
Moran. Ashley Page. Elisabeth Reed 

Freshmen: Kavla Maher. Jenna 
Moloney. Emma Wilson 



**** ft 


Sean Murphy 

TE^m Roster 

Seniors: Bryan Balonis, Steve Bransfield, Ozzy Colarusso, Evan 
Conway, Keison Cunningham, Tim Dennehey, Cory Folsom, Jack 
Lehan, Devon Matthews, Sean Murphy, Joe Nardone. Ryan 
LaFazia. Anthony Spardorcia, Jarrod Stokes. Cody Sullivan 
Juniors: Ryan Ainslie, Matt Boudreault, James Bradley, Jake 
Canwell. Leviti Douglas, Derrell Fernandez, Dave Harrison, Joe 
Fantasia. Dan Johnston, Matt Johnston, Anthony Jubani, Carl 
Morcy. Cortland Naeglin, Josh Nolan, Tyler O'Brien, Jon Pickering, 
John Ricketson, Dustin Stokes, Anthony Svizzero, Kweiti Tambi, 
Kyle Wagner. Dave Wallace. Dylan Vega 
Sophomores: Steve Capasso. Mike Conneely. Sean Dozier, Rob 
Fennell, Alex Grondin, Dean Guilfoyle. Ryan Gunther. Shaun 
Herdman, Matt Marsters, Scott McNulty. Brendan McQuiggan. 
Gavin Moschella. Kevin Murphy, James Reinhart, Kane Texeira. 
Bailey Tobin, Stephen Picard. Evan Wilson 

Freshmen: Cody Antonio, Jay Davern. Kevin Hachey, Josh Holmes, 
Jake Leef'er, Matt Long. Kevin Lyons. James Righini, Pat Riley, 
Wilson Rogers 



Lori McConnell 



James Dolan 


Tg^m RosTgR 

Seniors: Ryan Andrews, Jonathan 
Barrows, Connor Deegan, Daron English, 
Corey Folsom, Timothy McCue, Eddie 
Mett, Alex Paul, Stephen Presente 

Juniors: Trevon Betts, Brendan 
Butler, Dave Harrison, Ryan Jones, Jeff 
Perez, Stephen Karlberg 

Sophomores: Connor McCrea 

Tesun Roster 

Seniors: Kelley Barrett, Nicole Daukas, 
Kristina Dias, Emilee Stevens, Michaela 

Juniors: Courtney Farrell, Kristen Keefe 

Sophomores: Colleen Perry 

Freshmen: Emily Cronin, Ally 
Reynolds, Amelia Toye 


Tsxm Roster 

Seniors: Shaun Coveney, Josh Gallant, Matt Glover, Jake Jensen, 
Jared Jordan, Ryan MacDougall, Nolan Parsley, Johnson Phan, Tyler 
Phillips, Tony Sacco 

Juniors: Matt Clark, Derrell Fernandez, Anthony Jubani, Dan 
Juffre, Joe Mulcahy, Matt Murphy, Tyler O'Brien, Anthony Svizzero, 
Dylan Vega 

Sophomores: Jordan Bagen, Brendan Campbell, Fred Connelly, 
Ryan DaSilva, Domenic Dellamano, Dan Downs, Connor Hudson 
Bryant, Mark Jaklitsch, Joe Keenan, Cam Lander, Glenn LaBarron, 
Danny Levesque, Austin Maskell, Henry MacDonald, Conor 
McGrath, Andy Pham, Zach Prescott, Adrian Radel, Ruben Ramos, 
James Reinhart, Kane Teixeira, Evan Wilson, Max Young 

Freshmen: Christian Arce, Dan Beaton, Sam Brown, Darin 
Campitelli, Surya Chunduru, Greg Clark, Brendan Connolly, Mike 
Dwyer, Brendan Farragher, Jake Fidrocki, Ross Fitzgibbon, Jose 
Fossi, Jake Gallagher, Chris Giacobbe, John Hill, Sam Martin, Joe 
MacDonald, Rob McKenna, Liam Mc Leod, David Nunez, Rohith 
Parvathaneni, Mike Resca, Jon Rouzaut, Jake Sullivan, James 
Svizzero, Jared Thorns, Brian Warner 

Girls ; 


Texm Roster 

Seniors: Nostia Amazan, Molly Barker, Morgan Fitzgibbon. 
Giulia Gallinella, Kristin Graham. Jennifer Kimball, Eileen 
MacKintire. Rachel Ricciuti, Jill Riley, Sarah Wyman 

Juniors: Jul ianne Bransfield, Marykate Butler, Alycia Carney, 
Bridget Conklin. Meagan Deane. Abby Killeen, Katie Leahy, 
Lauren Lenahan, Kristin Leone. Victoria Mackin, Erin Ransom, 
Kerri Reardon 

Sophomores: Ashley Betts, Breanna Brennan, Molly Butler, 
Emma Donnelly, Jade Foote, Kira Goodwin. Shauna Haley, Taylor 
Johnson, Meaghan Kilban. Tess LeBarron, Kerri Long, Catherine 
Manning, Colleen McLaughlin. Erin McLaughlin, Nicole Mullin, 
Rylie Murray, Sam Pelley, Olivia Powers 

Freshmen: Tanashia Albert, Molly Bean, Kay la Bonarrigo, 
Jade Bridges. Emily Dickson, Hannah Dickson, Shannon Dyer, 
Taylor Jones, Meredith Kabachus, Charlotte Manning, Johanna 
Masferrer, Kaleigh O'Brien, Olvia Owen, Hannah Papay, Jackie 
Schneider. Emma Sullivan. Brenna Zwicker 

Te^m Roster 

Seniors: Joseph Conway. Christian 
DeStefano, Jonathan Hicks, Sean Murphy, 
Cody Sullivan 

Juniors: Magnus Alimamy. Dan 
Johnston, William Joseph, Cortland Naegelin, 
Jonathan Pickering, Connary Sparrow, Kweiti 
Tambi, Daniel Trudeau, David Wallace 

Sophomores: Dustin Bocash, James 
Bradley, Bryant Logan, Scott McNulty, Kevin 
Murphy. Nick Murray, Liam Naughton 

Freshmen: Tyshaun Basden. Austin 
Chrisman, Robert Downing, Dan Johnston, 
Jacob Leeper, Ian Lynch. Nathan McKay 


Maria Culberth and 
Danielle Hoffman 

9 * 


Sarah Pineau 

Erin Craig 

Texm Roster 

Seniors: Erin Craig, Paige Mathewson, 
Jennifer Laracy, Sarah Pineau 

JliniorS! Katie Gagnon, Jacqueline 
Glendye. Danielle Kurciviez, Hannah Murphy, 
Christa Schiffmann, Shannon Wood 

Sophomores: Kayla Antonowicz, Sarah 
Baker, Wissal Choqri, Kaitlin DiFazio, Rachel 
Heinrichs, Alivia Moore, Alyssa Ramsey 

Freshmen: Darcy Gentile, Krista 
MacDonald, Kristin Pineau, Remy Sanborn, 
Sam Wallace 



Joey Nardone 

Kevin Morrisey 

2 ^T^ST « JET. , 

Seniors: Mike Carthas, Evan Conway. 
Shawn Jennette, Jack Lehan. Kevin 
Morrissey, Joe Nardone, Zack Rogers, 
Adam Silverman, Chris Thorton 

Juniors: Patrick Coleman, Joe 
Flanagan, Steve Ganley, Brian Gosnell, 
Kurt Gutting, Nick Mitrano, Ryan Nash, 
Grant Rosario 

Sophomores: Jake Davenport. Ryan 

Freshmen: Brendan Burns, Matthew 
Coleman, Bobby Coyle. Billy Flynn 



Texm Roster 

Seniors: Taylor Rheault 

Juniors: Alyssa Beady, Elizabeth 
Camillieri, Samantha Coyle, Sara Ellis, Katie 
McPherson, Kiley Smiddy, Michelle 

Sophomores: Lisa Bonome, Tamara 

Freshmen: Morgan Beady, Jenna 

8th Graders: Susan DiMatteo, Nieve 
Doyle, Hannah Duggan, Meagan MacNeil, 
Erica Petruccelli. Emily Skocik 

Ts>qm Roster 

Seniors: Josh Berg, Brian Biagini, 
Cory Folsom, Tom Gervasi, Jack Lehan, 
Sean McWade, Jared Montero, Mike 
Powers, Drew Saltmarsh, Mike Umano 

Juniors: Ryan Ainslee. Steve Galvin, 
Ryan Jones 

Sophomores: Matt Cunningham, 
Ryan Gunther, Mario Picariello 



Texm Roster 

Seniors: Kelly Cronin, Natalie 
Kehlbeck, Emily Noll, Charlotte Tucci 

Team Roster 

Seniors: Keison Cunningham. Tom 
Donahue. Tom Hickey. David Keenan. 
Sean Kupris. Ryan MacNeil. Kevin 
Marsters. Shane McNamara. Liam Torney. 
Mark Vitello. Sean Weikel, Andrew Zaleski 

Juniors: Pat Coleman. Kyle DeLuca. 
Matt Duggan. Will Joseph. David Lally. 
Nick Mitrano. Kevin Riley 

Sophomores: Daniel Dow ns. Sean 
Flaherty. Brian Peatfield 

Freshmen: BobCoyle. Tom Flaherty. 
Josh Holmes. Kevin Lvons. James Riehini 






Te^m Roster 

Seniors: Marina DeStef'anis. Alex King. 
Paige Mathew son, Kayla OToole. Jessica 
Scott. Caroline Smart. Maggie Sprague 

Juniors: Alyssa Beady. Mary-Kate 
Butler. Samantha Coyle. Alana DeBello, 
Amanda Flaherty. Katie Gagnon. Kristen 
Keefe. Meredith King. Michelle Thornton 

Sophomores: Megan Dolan, Marena 

Freshmen: Rilev O'Sullivan 




John Caterer 




Lily Dumont 

Madison Norton 

Te^m Roster 

Seniors: Lily Dumont, Madison Norton, 
Jennifer Philemond, Jessica Woolf 

Juniors: Briana Boidi, Sam DiBona, Vi 
Dong, Amelia Fuss, Jackie Glendye, 
Melissa Godosky, Molly James, Brenda 
Ngatia, Alexis Pendon, Tori Perez, Sohpie 

Sophomores: Michaela Brennan, 
Christina Revilla 

Freshmen: Emma Dumont, Abaigail 
Hart, Liv Johnson, Alicia Kennedy, Maia 
MacDonald, Julianna Royek, Kiara Shea 


PRinc Tr>ich 

Seniors: Kyle Adams, Joshua Gallant, Matthew Glover, Brett 
Lebarron, Ryan MacDougall, Kevin Morrissey, Sean Murphy, Nolan 
Parsley, Tyler Phillips. Lucas Rocha, Brendan Tevenan 

Juniors: Matthew Boudreault, James Bradley Jr., Matthew Clark, 
Elijuan Diaz, Derrell Fernandez, Robert Glennon, David Harrison, 
Anthony Jubani. Daniel Juffre, Joseph Mulcahy, Matthew Murphy, Ryan 
Murphy, Tyler 0"Brien, Anthony Svizzero 

Sophomores: Jordan Begenjonathan Bruynell, Brendan 
Campbell,Frederick Connelly. Ryan DaSilva, Derek Grochal. Mark 
Jaklitsch, Joseph Keenan, Chandler Kupris. Cameron Lander, Glenn 
LeBarron, Danny Levesque, Austin Maskell. Henry McDonald, Brendan 
McQuiggan, Scott Morse, Kevin Murphy, Andy Pham. Zachary 
Prescott, Adrian Radel, Ruben Ramos, Taylor Schiller, Joshua Son, Kane 
Teixeria, Evan Wilson, Derek Wolforth. Maximillion Young 

Freshmen: Christian Arce, Samuel Brown. Gregory Clark. Jake 
Fidrocki, Christopher Giacobbe. Kevin Hachey.John Hill, Kevin Kelley, 
Joey Lagrotteria, Jacob Leeper. Bryant Logan, Sam Martin, Robert 
McKenna, Liam Mcleod, Michael Morrissey, David Nunez, Mark 
Randies, Daniel Sheehan, Donald Stevensonjake Sullivan, James 
Svizzero, Jared Thomas, Brian Warner, Donovan Wirtanen 



TG^m Roster 

Seniors: Nostia Amazan, Molly Barker,Kelsey Burr, Nicole Daukus, Erin 
Dolan, Hayley Fagan, Morgan Fitzgibbon, Giulia Gallinella, Kristin Graham, Sarah 
Hadar, Jen Kimball, Rachel Ricciuti, Jill Riley, Emilee Stevens, Michelle 
Stevenson, Michaela Stuart, Danielle Zabala 

JliniorS! Miranda Boutin, Julianne Bransfield, Alycia Carney, Emma Colins, 
Meagan Deane, Sabrina Ivil, Taylor Johnson, Lauren Jules, Tricia Kelley, Abby 
Kileen, Katie Leahy, Lauren Lonahan, Kristin Leone, Victoria Mackin, Sara 
Mclssac, Erin Ransom, Kerri Reardon, Julianna Ronan, Jillian Sartucci, Christa 
Schiffann, Alexandra Sheeran 

Sophomores: Megan Beatty, Abby Bell, Ashley Betts, Molly Butler, Rena 
Chabria, Wissal Choqri, Emma Donnelly, Kira Goodwin, Lauren Jensen, Tess 
LeBarron, Kerri Long, Olivia Maldonado, Catherine Manning, Colleen 
McLaughlin, Erin McLaughlin, Stanleen Michaud, Riley Murrary, Sam Pelley, 
Colleen Perry, Olivia Powers, Kailyn Quinn 

Freshmen: Tanashia Albert, Aimee Berardinelli, Molly Bean, Jade Bridges, 
Christine Burnett, Elizabeth Diaz, Emily Dickson, Rebecca Gouveia, Kacie 
Higgins, Kelly Higgins, Taylor Jones, Meredith Kabachus, Charlotte Manning, 
Brigid McCue, Nina Metri, Kaleieh O'Brien, Olivia Owen, Calli Remillard 



Jli J 


Anthony Sacco 

£ 1 

Texm Roster 

Seniors: Kenan Cerkez, Kyle Leberz, 
Michael Lynch, Timothy McCue, Taylor 
Motta, Anthony Sacco, Damien Tate 



John Duff 

■ f ■ m 

1 J? 


v Ml * 

i t 

■1 JT" 


"Art is how I express 
myself, so express 
yourself and find the 
artist in you." 

- Demi Lovato 

"Draw for a truth you can only bring to life by means 
of color and line and texture and form." 



"I think you either are an 
artist or you're not, it's a 
calling, like a nun or a 
priest, once you 
understand what that is 
you're kind of stuck with it" 

- unknown 



"I found I could say things with 
color and shapes that I couldn't 
say any other way..." 
- Georgia O'Keefe 

§mi\e i°v're ** C~**MA Corner* 

Brian Taylor Goldstein 

Candids 145 

Cameron Tony Hawk 


Ailish Coughlin Megan Fox 

Damien Taitt Randy Jackson 

James Lamour Lebron James 

Angela Sacchetti 


Taylor Swift 

Analiza Tavares Alicia Keys 

Shawn Jennette Michael Phelps 

Ani Hollisian Kim Kardashian 

Joshua Cain Adam Devine 

Thomas Michael Cera 


Paige Mathewson Amanda Seyfried 

Jordan Breton Steve-0 

-The Ting Tings 

Margaret Amy Adams 

Mr. Pinizzotto Seth Rogen 

Rossy Herrera America Ferrera 

Erin Mahoney Kate Middleton 

John Behan 


Kelsey Gessner Kafy Perry 

Sacha Baron 

Kurt Russell 

Kerrin Connolly Renee Felice 



Ms. Hay Katherine Heigl 

Mr. Byrne 

Iggy Pop 

Mrs. Kelepouris Kathryn Hahn 

>fl|J T» fV tfc* SillS 

- The Beastie Boys 

Students in Semantics 
with Mr. Corcoran! 

Ms. Roberts teaching Students teaching the class, Intense History lesson! 

students in English class. what's Mr. Miller doing?! 

Oh. how much we love Physics! 

Students working on a car in Automotive Technology. 

Far Left Students 
working on an art 

Left Sophomores 
service ideas. 
Right Ms. Batzer 
teaching students 
how to fix a 
computer in IT. 

148 *'■a/^g^l^/T 

Whitney Ambler, Colleen 
Anderson, and Michael 
Carthas... skipping class?! 

Students working on a 
project in Anatomy. 

A student helping a toddler 
in Childcare. 

A student working on a 
project in Carpentary. 

Students posing 
for the yearbook ! 

We found 
Brendan Adams! 


Students in action! 

Marisol Chase working 
on Chemistry homework. 

1 1»f • 


Students having a discussion 
in Mr. Galusha's class. 

Students in Allied Health. 

Students & Mr. Roach 
working in Graphics. 

A student learning how to be a 
hairdresser in Cosmetology. 

Scott Greenwood and 
James Lamour working 
on a project. 

A student in action in Culinary. 

academics 149 

'Hi or 

Tw» f j Bctt^ tfc** °*e 

- Boys Like Girls 


aAoi bjbs pue BLU1113 - 1 $ j jeujno aneuBp pub auijsnr - } 
en6Bjds }aJB6jB|/\| puB ^ajaa - $ a Abmuoq qdasor pub laBipiiAl - 
UBoijaiso ui)or pus bss!|3|/\| - H ^ 9 6jeqmB/\A uBAy puB Majpuv - f 

- The Black Eyed Peas 

Joyce Abbott, Childcare 
Susan Aborn, Business 
Donna Affsa, Secretary 
Adam Aiello, Social Studies 
Angela Andrews, Foundations 
Cassandra Barry, Foreign Language 

Elaine Batzer, CTE 
Jennifer Baumann, English 
Gail Bergquist, Special Education 
Karen Bonner, Social Studies 
Christina Borkowski, CTE 
Julie Bowen, CTE 

Christine Brasacchio, Science 
Glen Bredberg, CTE 
Kelly Brennan, Guidance 
Marylou Buell, Social Studies 
Erik Bunker, Art 
Holly Bunker, Art 

Karen Busa, Paraprofessional 
Ellen Butler, Paraprofessional 

Frank Butterworth, Math 
Jonathan Byrne, Science 
Sarah Carlamere, Psychologist 

Maria Carr, Foundations 

Alice Carter, CTE 
Kevin Carter, Guidance 
John Caterer, Special Education 
Kathryn Christmas Rioux, English 
Kevin Clancy, Art 
Kimberly Clancy, Guidance 

faulty & Jt«f 

Janice Clarke, Secretary 
Michael Cole, Social Studies 
Pamela Comeau, English 
Jill Connolly, Nurse 
Christopher Corcoran, English 
Sarah Coughlin, English 

Joanne Curran, Foreign Language 
Melanie Curtin, Social Studies 
Barbara Deacon, Secretary 
Kristina DeWitt, Science 
Mark Dhooge, Math 
Cathy Dirksmeier, Childcare 

Virginia DiSanto, Guidance 
Maryann Doherty, Foundations 
James Dolan, Physical Education 
Lynne Donadio, Secretary 
Sheila Donovan, CTE Secretary 
Kai Doo, Foreign Language 

Mary Jane Dooley, Paraprofessional 
Margo Dornisch, Guidance 
Eugene Dressier, Math 
Linda Duane, Special Education 
ohn Duft Jr., Music 
Brandon Dufresne, Paraprofessional 

Karen Duseau, Math 
Richard Duseau, Math 
ennifer Dwyer, Childcare 
Maura Eaton, Paraprofessional 
Daniel Eggers, Science 
Laura Fabian, Childcare 

faculty & staff 153 

William Faria, Foundations 
Nathan Farrar, Social Studies 
Michael Fennessy, Math 
Susan Fricker, Paraprofessional 
Marylou Frisoli, Secretary 
Paula Fuller, Technology 

Justin Galusha, Social Studies 
Melinda Galusha, English 
Kathleen Garvey, Nurse 
Peter Gaudiano, Social Studies 
Vita Golub, Counselor 
Cassie Gosselin, Science 

Deborah Greene, Childcare 
Maryann Gurney, Childcare 
John Hallaran, English 
Charlotte Halloran, Math 
Carolyn Havey, Paraprofessional 
Christy Hay, Special Education 

Cynthia Heslam, English 
Sarah Hickey, Math 
Linda Higgins, Paraprofessional 
Richard Higgins, Science 
Elizabeth Hintz, Special Educ. 

Kathryn Holte, Math 

Jaclyn Howard, Paraprofessional 
Glenn Johanson, Paraprofessional 
Laura Jones, English 
Cathy Joyce, Childcare 
Kristen Kames, Foreign Language 
Jennifer Kelly, Special Educ. 

Daniel Kilcullen, Math 

Jane Kirsch, CTE 

Kathleen Knudsen, Security 

Mark Kowalski, Guidance 

Lisa Langone Berard, Psychologist 

Rita Laplante, Paraprofessional 

Amy LeBlanc, Foundations 
Robert Libenson, CTE 
Sara Lohmeyer, Health 
Donna Lucas, Paraprofessional 
John Maclntyre, Special Education 
Patricia MacNeil, Paraprofessional 

Melinda Mahar, Social Studies 
Stephen Markesich, Science 
Holly Markiewicz, Foreign Language 
Linda Marshall, CTE 
Margo Martell, Paraprofessional 
Jeannette Martinson, Childcare 

Teresa Marx, Science 
James Maskell, English 
Kendra Maxwell, Foreign Language 
Robert Maxwell, Social Studies 
Lynda-Anne McCarey, Math 
Robert McCarthy, Social Studies 

Leigh McConnell, English 

Kathleen McDonald, Special Educ. 

Deborah McEachern, 


William McEachern, Science 

Barbara McGovern, Math 

Anne McGrath, Special Education 


Robert Meader, Social Studies I 

Paul Meoni, Math 
Michael Miller, Social Studies 
Karen Monahan, Buisness ' 
Andrea Montgomery, 
Social Studies 
Robert Morris, CTE 

Meredith Mosey, Math 
Mary Mulligan, Foundations 
Kathleen Muse, CTE 
Brian Nash, CTE 
Malissa Northup, Science 
Janice O'Brien, Secretary 

Nancy O'Hara, Special Education 
Donna O'Keefe, Paraprofessional 
Judi O'Malley, Secretary 
Katherine Owens, English 
John Pappas, English 
Joseph Patmos, Science 

Mark Pennisi, English 
Katherine Peters, Foundations 
Beverly Petrelli, Science 
Loretta Pierce, Paraprefessional 
John Pinizzotto, Science 
Matthew Porro, English 

David Powers, Guidance 
Michele Prendergast, Health 
Ann Pye, Childcare 
Nathan Rand, Social Studies 
Arthur Roach, CTE 
Alysia Roberts, English 

156 faculty & staff 

f-c«lty * Jt«f 

Karen Roy, Foreign Language 
Anthony Sanella, Maintenance 
Andrea Scalata, Guidance 
Stephen Schlicting, Social Studies 
Bruce Secor, CTE 
Kerri Shea, Paraprofessional 

Ryan Shea, Foundations 
Steven Shirosky, Music 
Thomas Sheehan, Business 
Amanda Slack, Social Studies 
Dianne Smith, CTE 
Susan Soulia, Special Education 

Jennifer Stark, Special Education 
Erica Steeves, Paraprofessional 
Mary Stefaney, Special Education 
Ann Stevens, Secretary 
Lisa Stokes, Physical Education 
Tammie Stone, English 

Walter Sullivan, Foundations 
Jonathan Swart, Science 
Kymberly Sylvestre, Science 
Adam Tausevich, CTE 
Karen Thomas, Math 
Peter Toma, Special Education 

John Waggener, Science 
Brenda Walsh, Paraprofessional 
Janine Warren, Paraprofessional 
Nancy Webb, Paraprofessional 
Meredith Westfall, Foreign Language 
Catherine Wetherbee, Special Educ. 

faculty & staff 157 

Jean Afzali, Nurse 

Stephanie Alfaro, Foreign Language 

Richard Bykowski, Technology 

David Cawthorne, Technology 

Matt Conlon, Custodian 

Lauren Crombie, Health & Gym 

Brian DeCella, Custodian 

Julie Doyle, English 

Gene Dressier, Math 

Robert Dufault, Math 

Kerry Dunn, Security 

Steven Ferreria, Security 

Stephanie Feinberg, Foreign Language 

Kelly Geary, Math 

Elaine Gillooly, Special Educ. 
Ashley Gosselin, Substitute 
Jacqueline Haley, English 
Alysia Hardiman, IWS 
John Henderson, Social Studies 
Richard King, Math 
Lynne LaHive, Social Studies 
Donna Lucas, Paraprofessional 
Kevin Mackin, Athletics Director 
Monique Maskell, CTE 
Graig Murphy, Security 
Michael Murphy, Social Studies 
Justine Naper, CTE 

Annmarie O'Neill, Library 
James Rekowski, Technology 
Michael Richard, Planetarium 
Brian Robinson, Science 
Peter Rogers, Foreign Language 
Elecia Ross, Secretary 
Cheryl Sacchetti, Secretary 
Tony Sanella, Custodian 
Phil Sanella, Custodian 
Nicholas Seremetis, CTE 
William Stenstrom, CTE 
Jean Walker, Security 
Don Watson, Substitute 

Read books, care about things, 
get excited. Try not to be too 
down on yourself. Enjoy the ever 
present game of knowing. It 
takes courage to grow up and 
become who you really are. 
- Mr. Powers Guidance 

The key to success and 
happiness is to always give 
more than you take. 
- Mr. Xirau Math Teacher 

Success requires sacrifice, committment 
and diligence. Take on those three 
attributes wherever you go and may 
your wishes and dreams become reality. 
- Mr. Cole History Teacher 

In the words of Joan Baez, "You 
don't get to choose how you're going | 
to die. Or when. You can only decide 
how you're going to live. Now." 

- Ms. Borkowski CTE Instructor 

n e words of Ralph Waldo Emerson, "Do not go 
vl" r e the path may lead; go instead where there is 
io oath and leave a trail." 
to . Stefaney and Mr. Secor 
5eor Class Advisors 

Whenever we were leaving the house for anything, 
my mom would always tell my sister and I, "Be 
Good." I share that sentiment, Class of 2013, Be 
Good! But I add to it... don't just be good - DO good. 

Do good things in your communities, here in 
Weymouth, or maybe your new college town. Find a 
cause, adopt it, and DO good. Your world needs you! 

- Ms. Brennan Guidance Counselor 

Good Luck Class of 2013! 
Be who you were meant to be. 
quote Ralph Waldo Emerson, "To be 
yourself in a world that is constantly 
trying to make you something else is 
the greatest accomplishment." 

- Ms. Bunker 
Art + Design Instructor 

Be true. Be true to yourself, and the rest with fall into place. Be 
brave. Have faith. Believe. Life isn't always fair. Just accept it. Be 
honest. Take responsibility for what you do, or don't do. Choose 
your words carefully and never be afraid to apologize or too 
stubborn to accept an apology. There will be plenty of times you 
will have to do both. Be kind. It all comes back to this: treat others 
as you would want to be treated. Remember, you can't change 
how people act, you can only change how you REact. You all are 
destined for greatness. I believe in you. We believe in you. Now 
it's time for you to believe in you too! Congratulations! 

- Ms. Christmas English Teacher 

faculty & staff 159 

from tUe c|<SS «f ... 

Wfcw We Were Y*(">1 

- The Killers 

Mr. Bunker 
Mr. Maskell 
Mr. Dhooge 
Mrs. Whitner 
Mrs. Maskell 
Mrs. Walsh 

Mrs. Christmas 
Mr. Farrar 
Mrs. Haley 
Mr. Mackin 
Mrs. Kelepouris 
Mr. McEachern 

Mr. Miller 
Mr. Pinizzotto 
Mr. King 
Ms. Roberts 
Ms. Stefaney 
Ms. Bunker 

Mrs. Feinberg 
Mrs. Stevenson 
Mr. Whitaker 
Ms. Slack 
Ms. Brennan 
Mr. Duff 

Mr. Faria 
Mrs. DeWitt 
Mr. Guadiano 
Mr. Secor 
Mr. Maclntyre 
Mrs. McEachern 

Mr. Corcoran 
Mr. Wilkins 
Mr. Roach 
Mr. Kowalski 
Mrs. Baumann 
Mr. Rand 

WW ▼ I 



Aiesty International Club Color guard getting ready to perform. Yearbook club getting ready to strike a pose. 

This extracurricular organization is part of an internation human 
rights group that actively works on behalf of those who have 
been deprived of their basic freedoms. Political activities 
consist of letter writing to world leaders, protests, and raising 
awarness and education. Campaingns have been identified by 
students. The mission of this group is to raise global awareness 
and to raise funds to help those less fortunate. 
Advisors: Mr. Rand & Mr. Schlicting 

The Art Club allows students a place to share artistic 
and creative ideas and abilities around the school. 
The art club meets after school and the students work 
both as a group and individually. 
Advisors: Mr. Bunker & Mrs. Bunker 

Students are paired with other students in the Life 
Skills program. They come together and share laughs 
and do fun activities together. The meet at the high 
school and also have a bowling outing in the Spring 
and and end-of-the-school-year dance. Meetings 
consist of crafts, singing, exercise and visiting with 
each other. The buddies remain friends throughout 
their high school years, both inside and out of school. 
Advisors: Mrs. Baumann & Ms. Kirsch 

DKAS is a group of students who have been 
trained to help their peers get support with 
issues around stress, depression and suicide. 
Advisors: Ms. Golub & Ms. Scalata 
Roster: Carle Allen, Victoria Ang, Kayla 
Antonowicz, Pietro Arajo, Tara Balan, Eileen 
Barrett, Nicole Beck, Matthew Boudreault, 
Mackenzie Bradley, Tyler Carbone, Justin Chan, 
Amyer Fernandez, Ashley Field, Megan Henley, 
Olivia Maldonado, Brianna Maiden, Jonathan 
Manoli, Jessica McNally, Alexandra O'Hara, 
David Peterson, Nicole Pimentel, Alyssa 
Powers, Brianna Prevatt, Talia Stokes, Emily 
Zaleski, Erin Doyle, James Bradley, Tyler 
Carbone, Justin Chan, Kasey Pires, Jonathan 
Manoli, Rob Travis, Josh Travis 


ffiTff free press for students by students 

The WHS Free Press is the place for students 
news. The club is in its third year of existence 
and serves as a platform for students opinions 
to be heard and is a showcase for the talents 
of the student body. Our motto is: "For 
students, by students." 
Advisors: Mr. Rand & Ms. Slack 

The GSA is a group of students who promote 
tolerance and acceptance of students who are 
gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender. They 
provide a safe place for a diverse group of 
students to come to be who they are without 
judgement or hostility. Students share their 
challenges of being GLBT and those who are 
not play the role of a supportive friend. 
Advisor: Mrs. Duseau 

clube & organizations 163 

The Weymouth Hiking Club gives students an 
opportunity to explore various parks while 
building an appreciation for the outdoors. 
Advisors: Mr. Bunker & Mr. Rand 

42 70 


The WHS Arts & Literature magazine, 
42-70, gives students an oppurtunity to 
publish their art, photography, short stories 
and poems throughtout the school year. 
This club concludes with a printed 
magazine that is given out to the students. 
Advisors: Ms. Bunker & Mr. Maskell 


The math team is a member 
of the Southeastern 
Massachussetts Mathmatic 
League. The team competes 
against other math teams 
from the South Shore and is 
open to all grades at 
Weymouth High School. 
Advisors: Mr. Duseau & 
Ms. Hickey 

jyjfe/rv^t A nPApjll 

NHS is the nation's premier organization 
established to recognize high school students 
who have demonstrated excellence in the areas 
of scholarship, leadership, service and character. 
Members raise funds for school organizations 
such as the Food panty. Library Media Center, 
American Cancer society. Muscular Dystrophy 
Association and the American Red Cross. 
Advisor: Mr. Cole 

What would it take to change the world? 
Rotary Club members believe it starts with 
a commitment to service above self. 
Members volunteer in communities at home 
and abroad to support education and job 
training, provide clean water, combat 
hunger, and improve health & sanitation. 

Advisor: Mr. Schlicting 

SADD (Students Against Destructive 
Decisions) is a program from all grade levels 
for those who want to become more activetly 
involved in the school and the community. 
SADD hopes to make both students at WHS 
and the community at large more aware of the 
consequences of making destructive decisions. 
Advisor: Ms. Lohmeyer 

no photo 

Senior Committee provides an opportunity for 
students in the senior class to help plan and 
organize different events that the class sponsors 
along wiht different school fundraisers. 
Advisors: Mr. Secor & Ms. Stefaney 

i ' 

SkillsUSA is a national student organization, 
serving students enrolled in career and 
technical education training programs. 
SkillsUSA' s mission is to help its members 
become world-class workers and responsible 
American citizens. Skills USA implements 
technical skills training with employability 
skills, leadership activities and community 
service. We also compete in trade and 
leadership competitions at the district and 
state level; for the first time last year we 
advanced to the national level and this year 
have a SkillsUSA State Officer. Do You 
Have the Skills? 

Advisors: Ms. Bowen & Mr. Tausevich 

The Weymouth Teenage Democrats Club 
provides an opportunity for students valuing 
liberal politics to meet, discuss, learn about and 
increase awareness for the Democratic Party. 
Advisor: Mr. Cole 

Yearbook Class is a great class for seniors to have a say 
in the look and design of the WHS yearbook. Throughout 
the production of the yearbook, students brainstorm ideas, 
themes, and layouts to create a cohesive design. 
Advisors: Mrs. Bunker & Mrs. Monahan 

clubs & organizations 169 

...from fc*c|c in <W 


Yearbook Advisors: 
| Holly Bunker 
Karen Monahan 

Yearbook Staff: 

Bridget Riley 
Colleen Anderson 
Emily Millen 
Jess MacNeil 
Jess Tempesta 
Julie Best 

Justine Currier 
Kellianne Long 
Margo Hughes 
Melissa Osterman 
Molly Geden 
Morgan Fitzgibbon 

Sara Joy 
Sarah Hart 
Sondra Almeida 
Sydney Ehrhardt 
Victoria Kacian 
Whitney Ambler 

Ani Hollisian 
Marina Destefanis 
Mike Carthas 
Christine Murphy 
Zaza Awada 
Abby Lisinski 

Camera Shy: Ryan Lafazia, Olivia O'Con 



- Elton John * 

Fshmen in Modern World History Sophomores in Photography 

Juniors in the Mac Lab 

Asmita Acharya 
Ryan Ainslie 
Fahad Akhtar 
Elizabeth Albee 
Magnus AJimamy 
Carle Allen 

Ashley Almeder 
Connor Ames 
Emily Amrock 
John Anderson 
Amanda Argiro 
Eduardo Arguello 

Nassima Awada 
Christian Axios 
Makenzie Bacon 
Andrew Banuk 
Maryanna Barcellos 
Jessica Barrett 

Alyssa Beady 
Adam Belcastro 
Donn Berry 
Haley Berry 
Trevon Betts 
Kristin Bezanson 

Emma Birkenhead 
Brianna Boidi 
Katrina Boland-Petterson 
Kimberly Botana 
Matthew Boudreault 
Hannah Bouhov 

Miranda Boutin 
James Bradley 
Lillian Bradley 
Juhanne Bransfield 
Samantha Brow 
Cody Brown 

Christopher Burkard 
Kelly Burke 
Sarah Burke 
Breeana Burns 
Bryan Burns 
Caitlin Burns 

Jessica Burton 
Brendan Butler 
Marykate Butler 
Olivia Butler-Bowen 
Jared Cahoon 
Robert Camardo 

Manuel Camargo 
Elizabeth Camillieri 
Colin Campbell 
Deanna Campbell 
Jake Canwell 
Erin Capozzi 

Tyler Carbone 
Alycia Carney 
William Carriere Jr. 
William Carroll IV 
Joanna Cassidy 
Melissa Cavanaugh 

172 'nderdaasmen 

Ariana Cellini 
Emily Champagne 
Nicholas Chase 
Alexander Cherny 
Sharon Chia 
Terence Choy 


Matthew Clark 

Patrick Coleman 
Casey Collins 
Christopher Collins 
Emma Collins 
Patrick Collins 

Ethan Comrie 
Sarah Condo 
Bridget Conklin 
Ryan Connolly 
Bridgette Conroy 
William Cordani 

Demitri Costomiris 
Ashley Cotter 
Sarah Cotter 
Amanda Coy 
Samantha Coyle 
Nicole Craig 

I Christine Crawford 
Alexis Crowley 
Anastasia Cumberland 
I Jessie Cummings 
Brendan Cummins 
Edmund Curley 

IJohn Cusick 
[Julia DArcy 
Alexandra D'Arrigo 
Caitlin Daly 
Christopher Daniel 
Ijames Davey 

Meagan Deane 
Alana DeBello 
Stephen De Bello 
Hannah Delorey 
Kyle DeLuca 
Joseph Derbes 

underclassmen 173 

Mehdi Derraz El Kabir 
Christian Destefano 
Samantha Devincentis 
Zachary Devine 
Elizabeth Diamond 
Elijuan Diaz 

Samantha Dibona 
Kathryn Dicesare 
Viet Dieu 
Kristen Difazio 
Courtney Dilworth 
Haleigh Dion 

Peter Dirksmeier Jr. 
Hannah Doherty 
Uyen-Vi Dong 
Alyssa Doran 
Leviti Douglas 
James Doyle 

Aaron Drew 
Daniel Drogo 
Judy Du 
Jacqueline Dubois 
William Duffey 
Patrick Duffin 

Matthew Duggan 
Olivia Dunn 
Sara Ellis 
Ryan Estano 
Kenneth Fairneny 
Patrick Fallon 

Justin Falvey 
Joseph Fantasia 
Emily Fargo 
Courtney Farrell 
Vincent Farretta 
Hayley Fava 

Darragh Feeney 
Derrell Fernandez 
Bailey Finch 
Sarah Finnigan 
Kelly Fischer 

Ji/»l»rS - CUSS «f 2.0^(4 

Margaret Fitzgerald 
Amanda Flaherty 
Joseph Flanagan 
Taylor Foley 
Kyle Foote 
Briana Ford 

Zachary Forest 
Mathew Foster 
Samantha Francis 
Tom Francois 
Kylie Fucci 
Kelsey Fuller 

Bryce Furtado-Ribeiro 
Amelia Fuss 
Katie Gagnon 
Victoria Galano 
Kaycee Gallery 
Stephen Galvin 

Stephen Ganley 
Stacey Gardner 
Erin Garrity 
Caitlin Gaughan 
Matthew Glavin 
Jacqueline Glendye 

Robert Glennon 
Melissa Godosky 
Abigail Goode 
Samuel Gordon 
Brian Gosnell 
Rebecca Green 

Kevin Griffin 
Adriana Grugnale 
Marissa Guerard 
Jack Guilfoyle 
Kurt Gutting 
Greig Hadden 

[Shawn Hammill 
[Sara Harenda 
I Kathleen Harkins 
I David Harrison 
Evan Hartel 
Khialla Hawkins 

derclassmen 175 

James Hebert 
Megan Henley 
Christine Hicks 
Kenneth Ho 
Brianna Hogan 
Joshua Holbn 

Brian Holden 
Brian Holland 
Benjamin Holt 
Jessica Hunter 
Jennifer Hurley 
Sabrina Ivi 

Anthony Jalbert 
Molly James 
Lisa Johnson 
Daniel Johnston 
Matthew Johnston 
Joseph Jordan 

Claude Joseph 
William Joseph 
Patrick Josselyn 
Anthony Jubani 
Elaine Jue 
Harrison Jue 

Daniel Juffre | 
Lauren Jules 
Stephen Karlberg 
Sarabjit Kaur 
Urvinder Kaur 
Odeta Kavaliauskas 

Zachary Kayyali 
Kristen Keefe 
Patricia Keeley 
Emily Keller 
Rachel Kelley 
Andrew Kelly I 

Caitlin Kennedy 
Kelsey Kenney 
Omar Kichkeh 
Niklas Kiehl 
Abigail Killeen 
Michelle Kim 

Meridith King 
Bruna Koch 
Danielle Kurciviez 
Gina Lagrotteria 
David Lally 
Roodjane Lambert 

Steven Lanata 
Rachel Lang 
Cody LaPanne 
Lauren LaPlume 
ames LaRoche 
Thomas Lawless 

Devan Leach 
Katherine Leahy 
Jayson Leeper Jr. 
Elise Legere 
Fred Legua 
Lauren Lenahan 

Sydney Lennon 

Kristin Leone 

Aaron Lewis 

Derek Linehan 


Tyler Little 

Ashley Lobo 




oseph Long 
acklyn Love 
Kathryn Lovett 
Rachel Lyons 
Alyssa Macdonald 
Daniel MacDonald 

Nathan MacDonald 
Victoria Mackin 
Ian MacLean 
Tyler MacLean 
Elizabeth MacLeod 
Kristen Madeira 

IThomas Maher 
[Ryan Mahoney 
Jrianna Maiden 
[James Mahng 
iTyler Mallon 
Nicole Malone 

underclassmen 177 

Brandon Maloney 
Robert-John Mancuso 
Eamon Manning 
Ashley Manuel « 
Samantha Mariano 
Paige McAleney 

Katelyn McCall 
Lindsay McCarthy 
Sherelle McCutchen 
Shannon McCutcheon 
Kyle McDonagh | 
Farren McDonough 

Kristin McDonough 
Alyssa McEvoy 
Samantha McEvoy 
Joseph McGuire 
Sara Mclsaac 
Briegh McLelland 

Matthew McMorrow 
Erin McNeil 
Maribeth McNulty 
Kathryn McPherson 
Kristina Melanson 
Nicholas Melody 

Maura Mendes 
Georgina Metri 
Angela Milks 
Jessica Minus-Albert 
Ryaad Mitchner 
Nickolas Mitrano 

Jacob Moran 
Kelsey Moriarty 
Kenneth Motta 
Joseph Mulcahy 
Matthew Mullen 
Thomas Munichiello 

Emma Murphy 
Eric Murphy 
Hannah Murphy 
Matthew Murphy 
Ryan Murphy 
Neil Mui 

Brianna Nardone 
Ryan Nash 

Michaela Nestelberger 
Peter Newman Jr. 
Brenda Ngatia 
Austin Nickerson 

oshua Nolan 
Tyler O'Brien 
Sarah O'Connor 
Tiffany O'Keefe 
Lauren O'Neill 
Brian O'Reilly 

Cameron O'Sullivan 
ake Ohman 
Brittany Orlando 
Caitlin Partsch 
Matthew Pecce 
Alexis Pendon 

Elizabeth Perez 
Victoria Perez 
Sophia Perriello 
Nicole Perry 
Zachary Persson 
Minh Phan 

Tyler Ringquist-Peterson 
Aline Rios-Campanale 
Kaiden Rivera 
Brandon Rogers 
Jennifer Rogerson 
Julianne Ronan 

Joseph Rooney 
Grant Rosario 
Maggie Russo 
James Ryan 
Erin Safrine 
Ayala Sampaio I 

Ashish Sandhu I 
Derek Sargent I 
Kyle Sargent I 
Jillian Sartucci I 
Jimmy Sayde 
Christa Schiffmann 

AlvinJ. Schneider 
Veronica Scholl 
Haiden Scott 
Alyssa Serafini 
Andrew Shaw 
Ashley Shaw 

Alexandra Sheeran 
Lhorrana Silva 
Lhuana Silva 
Alexander Silver 
Jordan Simons 
Kiley Smiddy 

Shannon Sneyd 
Connary Sparrow 
Kristopher Stackpole 
Dustin Stokes 
Talia Stokes 
Cody Strong 

Anthony Svizzero 
Courtney Tarn 
Kweiti Tambi 
Xinyu Tan 
Samuel Teixeira 


Caitlin Zaslaw 
Zachariah Zooleck 

Jenna Thibodeau 
Michelle Thornton 
Michaela Timmons 
Gustavo Tintureira 
Alana Todd 
John Toland 

Samantha Toomey 
Pedro Torres 
Joshua Travis 
Robert Travis 
Dimetrios Tripolitis 
Eleni Tripolitis 

Daniel Trudeau 
Georgia Tsallas 
Catherine Tyrakowski 
Valerie Umbro 
Melanie Varela 
Ijoshua Vargas 

Alicia Vasile 
Dylan Vega 
Brianna Vella 
Peter Villodas 
Daniel Volta 
Kyle Wagner 

David Wallace III 
Joshua Wallace 
Zachary Wessling 
Troy Whalen 
Brandon White 
Brendan White 

Alexandra Wilkins 
Titrany Williams 
Shannon Wood 
Kelvin Yan 
Kelly Yergeau 
Jake Young 

iinftonrlagangn 181 


Haley Addonizio 
Kylee Addonizio 
Meagan Adler 
Olivia Aiello 
Christopher Ainslie 
Adetoke Alabi 

Eduardo Albuquerque Jr. 
Theothora Alisandratos 
Carley Allen 
Justin Alleyne 
Gabriela Alves 
Benjimen Anderson 

Madison Anderson 
Joseph Andreasen 
Joshua Andrews 
Adriana Ansaldi 
Kayla Antonowicz 
Pietro Araujo 

Angie Arriaga 
Jordan Bagen 
Sarah Baker 

Tara Balan 
Jake Balzano 

Paul Banta 

Maneeya Barlatier 
Yerik Barrera Guerrero 
Eileen Barrett 
Alexandra Barrus 
Alexander Barsamian 
Cameron Bastis 

Lauriana Batista-Alves 
Shannon Batts 
Meghan Beady 
Megan Beatty 
Jade Beck 
Nicole Beck 

Maura Behan 
Abigail Bell 
Kathleen Bennett 
Casey Berman 
Sarah Berman 
Alex Berri 


^o^oreS - CAM «f 9J>\*> 

Rachel Berry 
Ashley Betts 
Joseph Bisbee 
Michael Blanchard 
Dustin Bocash 
Marvin Bonilla 

Lisa Bonome 
Tamara Bowden 
Jacob Bradley 
Kelly Brady 
Kevin Brady 
Joseph Brav 

Breanna Brennan 
Michaela Brennan 
I Rebecca Briggs 
Matthew Bruttaniti 
Jonathan Bruynell 
Isabelle Buchanan 

Ashley Burke 
Makayla Burke 
Allison Burns 
Amanda Burns 
Tayla Burns 
Molly Butler 

Mariana Caetano 
Emily Callanan 
Brendan Campbell 
Erin Campbell 
Hannah Campbell 
Olivia Campbell 

Ryan Campbell 
Taryn Carr 
Heather Casey 
Lauren Casey 
David Cazeau 
Jake Cazeault 

Rochelle Cetoute 
Reena Chabria 
Catherine Chase 
Bianca Chery 
Wissal Choqri 
Brian Christo 


Jocelyn Ciarlone 
Samantha Cicirelli 
Erica Clark 
Autumn Colello-Kelly 
Darnell Coleman-Depina 
Derek Comeau 

David Conlon 
Michael Conneely 
Frederick Connelly Jr. 
Andrew Connolly 
Shamyah Cottrell 
David Coughlin 

Cassandra Coveney 
Steven Coyne Jr. 
Ryan Craig 
Paul Cronin 
David Crosby 
Matthew Cunningham 

Paul Curran 
Susan Curran 
Robert Curry 
Ashleigh Damigella 
John Danubio 
Betania DaSilva 

Ryan DaSilva 
Jake Davenport 
Noah Decosta 
Meredith Deegan 
Chris Delgallo 
Domenic Dellamano 

Terell Denton-Cheek 
Nicole Deschenes 
Stephanie Deschenes 
Antonia DeVincentis 
Michael DeWolfe I 
Katelyn DiFazio 

Joseph DiModica 
Anthony DiNatale 
Jessica DiSalvio 
Samantha Dittrich 
Ryan Doherty 
Megan Dolan 

Connor Donahue 
Emma Donnelly 
Christopher Donovan 
Nicholas Donovan 
Shannon Donovan 
John Douglas 

Taylor Douglas 
Daniel Downs 
Sean Doyle 
Sean Dozier 
Francis Dragone 
Derek Dustin 

Brandon Duva 
Julianne Dwyer 
Madison Dwyer 
Alicia Easton 
Dawn Ebbe 
Meghan Elmore 

Brett Endres 
Kiahna Esquihn 
Kevin Fairfax 
Kelly Farina 
Melany Fava 
Robert Fennell 

Seamus Fennessey 
Amyer Fernandez 
Leticia Ferreira 
Conor Finn 
Erin Finnerty 
Kelsey Finnerty 

Conor Fitzpatrick 
Cian Flaherty 
Kevin Flaherty 
Sean Flaherty 
Sierra Flanagan 
Alexandra Flynn 

I Kathryn Foisy 
Megan Foley 
[jade Foote 
[Jennifer Foster 
[Julia Foulsham 
Heinz-Phillip Fountain 

underclassmen 185 

Haille Frazier 
Devin Frustaslia 
Schemayder Gachette 
Sarah Gagnon 
Angelica Gahn 
Shawna Galiano 

Dean Guilfoyle 
Lucas Guimaraes 
Ryan Gunther 
Shauna Haley 
Joseph Hally 

Julia Harrington 
Laura Harrington 
Taylor Harrington 
Muhammad Hassan 
Keenan Healey 
John Heffernan 

Rachel Heinrichs 
Jordannah Hemeon 
Molly Henebury 
Anthony Henson 
Shayhn Herdman 
Breanna Hernan 

^ofUomorel - CAM «f 0J>\*> 

Julia Hernandez 
Aaron Herrera 
Jacob Hickey 
Brenden Higgins 
Joseph Higgins 
Kena Hilario 

Elizabeth Hillson 
Benjamin Hogan 
Matthew Hogan 
Aimee Holbrook 
Brandon Holden 
Lester Holzapfel 

McKayla Horgan 
Gregory Howes 
Marc Huard 
Connor Hudson-Bryant 
Stephen Hughes 
Dean Hunt 

I Alicia Hurley 
Robert Ippolito 
Michael Irving 
Dancho Ivanov 
Mark Jaklitsch 
Sara Jamros 

Esthel Jean 
Lauren Jensen 
Amanda Johnson 
Hannah Johnson 
Taylor Johnson 
Brittany Johnston 

Lisa Jolliemore 
Ryan Jones 
David Joseph 
Sandra Kalayjian 
Brenna Keenan 
Joseph Keenan 

Patrick Kelley 
Ashley Kelly 
Jordan Kelly 
Samantha Kennedy 
Hannah Kertanis 
Meaghan Kilban 

underclassmen 187 

$» r l,»Ht«re$ - CAM »f 01>\s> 

William Kilroy tt 
Michael Kim g 
Megan Krai V 
Chandler Kupris 
Devin Kupris 
Jessica Kurciviez 

Kelly Laing 
Sean Lally 
Richard LaLond III 
Ian Lancaster 
Cameron Lander 
Richard Landry 

Justin Lang 
Rebecca Lang 
Molly Langford 
Stephen Lawlor 
Matthew Le 
Michael Le Jr. 

Kiley Leahy 
Glenn LeBarron 
Tess LeBarron 
James Lee 
Keryn Lee 
Kendra Lenson-Coy 

Daniel Levesque 
Nicollette Lewis 
Brian Libby 
Kacey Linehan 
Kerri Long 
Paul Long 

Dalvin Lopes 
Jacob Lovely 
Deanna Lutz 
James Maclntyre 
Michael MacNeil 
Lindsey MacDonald 

Caitlyn MacDougall 
Marena MacKay 
Katelyn MacKenzie 
Lindsey MacNeil 
David Maglathlin 
Olivia Mahoney 

Olivia Maldonado 
John Malonson 
Catherine Manning 
Andrew Manoli 
Jonathan Monoli 
Samantha Mapa 

Alexa Marinella 
Colleen Marini 
Cairo Marques 
Matthew Marsters 
[Jessica Martell 
Names Martin 

Austin Maskell 
Bradford Mathewson 
Sarah Matthews 
Sarah Mayberger 
Andrew McAdam 
Bernard McArdle 

I Adam McCarthy 
Mary McCoy 
Connor McCrea 
Henry McDonald 
Hannah McEachern 
Brian McGlone 

Conor McGrath 
Elizabeth McGrath 
Colleen McLaughlin 
Erin McLaughlin 
Shaun McMillen 
Scott McNulty 

Brendan McQuiggan 
Autumn McStravick 
Enver Mece 
Rilee Meehan 
Cassidy Melanson 
Marjoly Melgarejo 

Brett Menchin 
Alex Mercurio 
Stanleen Michaud 
Julia Milisi 
Nicole Miller 
ige Miller 

James Miller-Norve 
Patrycja Mociak 
Felix Molina 
Sara Mongy 
Alivia Moore I 

Thomas Nolan 
Austin O'Brien 
Sean O'Brien 
David 'Donnell 
Michael O'Shea 
Hawana Ohveira 

Codie Orlowski 
Isaiah Osorio 
Thomas Otero 
Ashley Page 
Christos Papadopoulos 
Joseph Parker 

fouoHoreS - CAM *f X°\5 

jBianca Pereira 
PWilliam Perron 
^Colleen Perry 
IJeremy Peterson 
Amanda Petrikas 
"Andy Pham 

Trang Pham 
Stephen Picard 
Mario Picariello 
Sarah Picco 
Saumar Polinice 
Olivia Powers 

Zachary Prescott 
Bnanna Prevatt 
Tyler Pinciotta 
Kailyn Quinn 
Hayley Racine 
Adrian Radel 

Elizabeth Ralston 
Elia Ramadan 
Aleandro Ramos 
Ruben Ramos 
Alyssa Ramsey 
Elisabeth Reed 

Madison Reilly 
ames Reinhartjr. 
Christina Revilla 
Krysteen Ribiero 
Kyra Ribiero-Brito 
Arianna Richards 

Andrew Richardson 
Matthew Ricketson 
Mikayla Riley 
Katherina Ritz 
Christopher Rizzitano 
Richard Rizzo 

Samantha Roach 
Michelle Ronca 
Emily Rothwell 
Kirsten Rowell 
Ruth Russel 
Tiffany Sanca 

Amber Sandahl 
Makayla Sang 
Courtney Santos 
Kartik Sawant 
Matthew Scannell 
Joseph Schelle 

Taylor Schiller 
Jessica Schwinn 
Kelsey Senna 
Derek Shilder 
William Silowan 
Ariana Silverman 

Stephanie Sinawski 
Kevin Slattery 
Joshua Son 
Nader Soufan 
Faith Speredelozzi 
William Stanley 

Nicole Stanton 
Jessica Stephens 
Francis Stipek 
Cody Sudbey 
Matthew Taylor 
Kane Teixeira 

Hillary Temple 
Bailey Tobin 
Eden Tobin 
Kevin Tormey 
Annahsa Torres-Santiago 
Sabrina Varrasso 

Nicholas Vassalli 
Nathan Vazquez 
Nicholas Venturo 
Alexandria Vederico 
Jessie Vozzella-Fana 
Stephanie Vozzella-Faria 

Mason Wagner 
Erin Walsh 
Jonathan Ward 
Emily Welch 
Andrew Whalen 
Garrett Wheadon 

Kurt Wiessmeyer 
Amanda Wiklund 
Caroline Wilbur 
James Willard III 
Evan Wilson 
Kaitlyn Wisehart 

Derek Wolforth 
Makayla Wood 
Georgea Xerokostas 
Jonathan Yergeau 
Joseph Young 
Maximillion Young 

Emily Zaleski 

Danielle Abdallah 
Jeffrey Acciavatti 
Emily Adams 
Shane Adams 
Joshua Ahem 

Tanashia Albert 
Nicholas Ames 
Lindsay Amrock 
Mary Anastasi 
Keryn Anderson 
Rhoshone Anderson 

Carlos Andrade Jr. 
Victoria Ang 
Cody Antonino 
Christian Arce 
Ryan Archibald 

underclassmen 193 

Shay Atkinson 
Tahj Augustin 

Jordan Babbitt 
Nathan Bailey 
Sophia Baird 

Courtney Baker 

Pamela Baker 
Emily Barbusin 
Kimberly Barrow 
Tyshaun Basden 
Tyshaunna Basden 
Valerie Bauer 

Morgan Beady 
Molly Bean 
Daniel Beaton 
Myriad Beckwith 
Jake Bell 
Aimee Berardinelh 

Daniel Berg 
Elena Berry 
Donna Beydoun 
Timothy Birkenhead 
Joshua Blackwood 
Deanna Blake 

Jacquelyn Bonarrigo 
Kayla Bonarrigo 
Aaron Bonasoro 
Brett Bond 
Matthew Bonner 
Milena Braga 

Parker Bredberg 
Abigail Brennan 
Emma Brennan 
Michael Brennan 
Jade Bridges 
Joseph Bronske 

Sarah Brow 
Samuel Brown 
Courtney Brummett 
Toriee Buccheri 
John Budenas 

Erin Burgess 
Shanna Burke 
Christine Burnett 
Brendan Burns 
Dylan Burns 
Paul Burns 

Zachary Burns 
Alanna Butler 
Kathryn Cahill 
Zachary Caldwell 
John Callahan 
Lindsay Callahan 

Julia Callbeck 
Agata Caluj 
Jeffrey Camardo 
Brendan Campbell 
Darin Campitelli 
Jonathan Capulli 

Jason Carr 
Aidan Carter 
Roy Cass Jr. 
Cameron Castro 
Andrew Cavicchi 
Amber Chafilns 

Desarae Chaffins 
Suelen Chagas 
Sarah Chamberlain 
r ustin Chan 
Austin Chrisman 
Surya Chunduru 

Isabelle Cincotta 
Gregory Clark 
Lorentz Codio 
Kendall Cody 
Kathleen Coffey 
Stephanie Cole 

Matthew Coleman 
Paul Coletta III 
Matthew Collins 
Patrick Condon 
Michael Connelly 
Brendan Connoll 

underclassmen 195 

fre&«e* - <f 9J>\L 

John Connolly B 
Hannah Contrino I 
Brandon Corrigan £ 
Ryan Cotter I 
John Cox 5 
Robert Coyle I 

Caitlyn Craig 
Emily Cronin 
Kristen Cronin 
Emily Cronis 
Joseph Curaude 
Thomas Curran 

Jennifer Currier 

Danae Curry-Stubbs 

Grace Curtin 

Ashley Cushman I 

James Cusick L 

Robert D'Andrea I 

Amanda Daley 
Samuel Davenport 
Jason Davern 
Joyce De'Oliveira 
Anthony DeDominici II 
Molly Delorey 

Nicholas DelRosso 
Daniel DeLuca 
Savio Demelo 
Jacob Dencer 
Veronica Deree 
Elizabeth Dewsnap 

Elizabeth Diaz 
Emily Dickson 
Hannah Dickson 
Evan DiMatteo 
Darci DiSalvio 
Robert Dodd 

Michael Donahue 
Stephen Doneghey 

Melissa Donohoe 
Corey Donovan 
Timothy Donovan 

freSUw - CAM »f %*\L 

Robert Downing 
Connor Duane 
| Danielle Duffy 
Emma Dumont 
Trevor Dunlap 
Matthew Dunn 

Samantha Dunphy 
Jacqueline Dwyer 
Michael Dwyer 
David Dyer 
Shannon Dyer 
Alyssa Edge 

Jacob Ericson 
Nicholas Esdale 
Cassidee Fall 
Benjamin Falvey-Dunne 
Kailey Falvey-Dunne 
Abigail Fargo 

Brendan Farragher 
Tyler Farrar 
Katherine Farrell 
Dara Fenelon 
Hayley Ferbert 
Jake Fidrocki 

Jasenia Fillon 
Daniel Finn 
Michael Finn 
Eliza Fischer 
Ross Fitzgibbon 
Allison Fitzpatnck 

■ Thomas Flaherty 
B Shawn Fleming 

■ Christopher Flipp 
William Flynn 

Ijose Fossi 
Gianni Foster 

Jonathan Foster 
Victoria Fulton 
Emma Furness 
Mary Furtado 
John Gallagher 
Michael Galvin 

underclassmen 197 

Brian Garland 
Devon Garland 
Brittany Garner 

Alyssa Garvey 
Stephen Garvey 

Sharon Gately 

Shawn Gately 
Nicholas Gatti 
Darcy Gentile 
Joseph Gessner 
Christopher Giacobbe 
Brandon Gifford 

Jason Gilbert 
Jenna Gilberto 
Scott Glavin 
John Goodrowjr. 
Bnttney Goss 
Rebecca Gouveia 

Brian Gozzo 
Jason Graybill 
Marianne Greene 
Eva Gregory 
Ashley Griffin 
Cassidy Grirfin 

Aimee Guerard 
Henessy Guerrero 
Kelsey Gunther 
Alyssa Guptill 
Alexis Gurney 
Kevin Hachey 

Krystal Hachey 
Taylor Hain 
Liam Hally 
Jared Hamilton 
Michael Hanifan 
Alexander Hard 

Allison Hardie 
Marie Harrison 
Abigail Hart 
Connor Haugh 
Ryan Hauter 
Stanley Hawes 

Erica Hayes 
Aidan Healey 
Kathryn Henley 
Liam Hennessey 
Tahkairi Henriquez 
Kacie Higgins 

Kelly Higgins 
John Hill Jr. 
| Joseph Hiltz 
Savannah Hinson 
Zachary Hitchcock 
Joshua Holmes 

Brelyn Honiker 
Maura Hubbard 
Ryan Husband 
Hannah Hutchinson 
Christopher Iacomini 
Patrick Iantosca 

Shawn Inglis 
Devin Ivil 
Nicholas Jalbert 
Nathan James 
Frederico Jardim 
Christaylor Jean 

Timothy Jeanjaquet 
Andrew Johns 
Andrew Johnson 
Olivia Johnston 
Taylor Jones 
Ryan Joy 

Kathleen Kabachus 
Meredith Kabachus 
Kelley Kane 
Jagdeep Kaur 
Talvinder Kaur 
Emma Keefe 

H Tyler Keegan 
Brandon Kelleher 

freSUe* - C-U* »f OJ>\L 

Aimee Kenison 
Alicia Kenneally 
Brian Keohan 
Kaleigh King 
Dillon Kinsella 
Bret Kopp 

Leanne Kwende 
Julia Labarge 
Kaitlyn Lachance I 
Joseph Lagrotteria 
Jason Landrum 
Erik Laskowski 

Francesco Laugelle 
Colin Lauro 
Chelsy Leavitt 
Jacob Leeper 

Devyn Lenson-Coy 
Ebony Lloyd 

Alexis Lobo 
Bryant Logan 
James Logan 
Matthew Long 
Abigail Lopes 
Emanuel Lopes 

John Lovewell 
Kally Luciano 
McKenzie Lundon 
Dylan Lydon 
Ian Lynch 
Kevin Lyons 

Diane MacAibay 
Jay MacAibay 

Krista MacDonald 
Andrew MacKay 
Veronica Mackin 

Carly MacKinnon 

Caitlin MacNeill 
Alexandra Maglio 
Kayla Maher 
Patrick Maher 
Sabrina Manna 
Brcnna Mann 


.1 \ 


freSUw - CUSS »f X^L 

Charlotte Manning 
Jake Mansfield 
Christopher Manuel 
Gabriel Marcal 
Jenna Markow 
Samuel Martin 

Johanna Masferrer 
Briana Maykis 
Joseph McDonald 
Tucker McAleney 
Andrew McCabe 
Kiera McCarthy 

Brigid McCue 
Megan McDonagh 
Maia McDonald 
Sydney McDonald 
Samuel Mclntyre 
Nathan McKay 

essica McKenna 
Robert McKenna 
Lindsay McKenzie 
Loretta McKenzie 
Liam McLeod 
Emily McMillen 

Maryjane McNifT 
Lyndsey McNulty 
Timothy McPhee 
Riley McQuade 
Jonathan Meade 
Katelvn Meade 

ennirer Meals 
Hyqmet Mece 
§j Maximilian Menear 
Marissa Merrifield 
Nisrine Metri 
David Meyer 

Dillon Meyer 
Mirella Micheleto 
Colin Milch 
Janine Miller 
Paige Miller-Norve 
B Jenna Moloney 





Kayla Monahan 
John Monteiro Jr 
Gabriel Montenegro 
Olivia Montgomery 
Andrew Moran 
Michael Morrissey 

Curtis Morrow 
Katherine Mullarkey 
Samantha Mullen 
Joseph Mullin 
David Mumaw 
Christopher Munichiello 

Austin Munroe 
Marilyn Murphy 
Laura Nash 
Nolan Navarro 
Nhu Nguyen 
Michael Nigro 

Maria Niles 
Olivia Noll 
Yewel Nunez 
David Nunez-Rivera 
Dylan O'Brien 
Kaleigh O'Brien 

Thomas O'Neal III 
James O'Neil 
Danielle O'Neill 
Matthew O'Neill 
Riley O'Sullivan 
Jameal Okeowo 

Sean Orcutt 
Kyle Ortiz 
Samantha Orton-Serafini 
Olivia Owen 
Ryan Palmer 
Nikhil Pandeti 

Joshua Papadopoulos 
Hannah Papay 
Robert Parker 
Golnar Parvaresh 
Rohith Parvathaneni 
Nick Patel 

202 inV 1 1 TllWI II 

R Lyndsay Patriquin 
1 Elizabeth Pearson 
Ana Paula Pedra 
Radhame Pena 
Francis Penzo 
Christian Perino 

Emily Perriello 
Griffin Perry 
Zackary Perry 
Colby Petry 
Jake Pforr 
Brandon Phillips 

Marisa Picariello 
Joseph Pietruszewski 
Anthony Pineiro 
Noah Platteel 
Stphanie Powers 
Lucas Prado 

Kristy Pratt 
Malissa Pratt 
Randy Price 
Jeovanny Prieto 
Leonardo Primo 
Michael Quigg 

Owen Quinlan 
Mark Randies 
Alexander Rautiala 
Muhammad Raza 
Briana Reddish 
Ashlee Reeves 

| Victoria Rego 

Calli Remillard 
I Michael Resca 
Allyson Reynolds 
Timothy Rheault 
Sarah Ribeiro 

Christian Rogers 
Wilson Rogers IV 
Kate Rogerson 
Yainara Roman 
Mary Romanowski 
Patrick Romanowski 

Alex Rosario 
Magdalis Rosario 
John Rouzaut 
Mckayla Roy 
Julianna Royek 
Kristin Royer 

Hannah Rumble 
Ashley Russo 
Megan Russo 
Eric Sacchetti 
Katlyn Salerno 

Meghan Salvaggi 

Miguel Samaniego 
Salma Guerra Sampayo 
Remy Sanborn 
Jacquelyn Schneider 
Mitchel Schneider 
Brendan Schofield 

JohnSchollJr. j 
Andrew Sebaaly 
Alanna Sewell 
Kathleen Sharpe 
Kiara Shea 
Daniel Sheehan 

Elizabeth Sheridan 
Mathew Showstead 
Gaelle Simeon 
Shawn Simpson 
Olivia Skinner 
William Skocik 

Amara Smith 
Jilhan Smith 
Morgan Smith 
Stephanie Smith 
Jaymi Spano 
Evan Stanley 

Kyle Stead 

Gabriella Steinkrauss 
Kiefer Stevens 
Donald Stevenson II 
Aaron Stokes 
Marc Stokes Jr. 

Noah Strohm 
Sebastian Stypulkowski 
Emma Sullivan 
Make Sullivan 
[Joseph Sullivan 
Ijames Svizzero 

Hayley Swift 
Jonathan Szymczyk 
Tiago Teixeira 
Robert Terravecchia 
Julia Terzis 
Andrew Thomas 

Jared Thorns 
Julianna Thorn 
Liam Tierney 
Sarah Tietjen 
Johnathon Tinker 
Larissa Tintureura 

Kingmiu To 
Daniel Tobin 
Liliana Toro-McCue 
Danny Torres 
Amelia Toye 
James Tripolitis 

Thiago Trivelli 
Angela Tucci 
Brian Umano 
Keith Urban 
Scott Valovcin 
Gwen Van Bibber 

Jacob Vanlare 
Michael Vasile 
Jordan Verderico 
I Jinny Vernet 
Aadith Vijey 
' Vitello 

underclassmen 205 

Samantha Beaton 

Devon Crook 

TUe My picture Settf* fS « v)*i f °r t° &*re # Mi 

picture of [Ue current Senf°rS, *|»»} n/i'th * Sf*cf*| »«t> memories 
fr*m tfce r^t. luck cUSS «f *aJ fc**1r<UUtfO"S! 

Whitney Ambler 

May you find happiness 
wherever life takes you. We 
love you! Mom, Dad, 
Nicholas, Jodi, Benny, and 
Corado Xoxo 


Jessica MacNeil 

Congratulations! We are very 
proud of you. You have 
accomplished so much these 
past four years. We can't wait 
to see what the next four 
years and beyond bring. We 
know you will succeed in 
reaching your goals. Love 
you! Mom, Dad, and 
Lindsey, & Lulu xoxo 

Joe Conway 

Congratulations! I'm so 
proud of you. You're 
intelligent and a hardworker. 
I know you'll succeed no 
matter what you decide to 
do. Love always, Mom 

Sean Mcwade 

Mom, Dad, Kerri, and Simba 
hope you have a healthy, 
happy, and successful life!! 

Ani Hollisian 

"The best way to predict the I 
future is to create it" 
-Abraham Lincoln 
We look forward, with gr J 
confidence, to seeing wh;.l 
you will create! With all ( 1 
love, Mom and Dad 


Steven Libby 

Congratulations! We are so 
proud of you. Love, Mom 
&c Dad 

Sara Joy 

(AKA Beefy) From the day 
you were born we have been 
so proud of you. You have 
always had an easy going 
personality. In school and 
gymnastics you were a good 
influence to your peers. You 
worked hard in everything 
you did has led you down a 
path of good work ethics. As 
you go on to the next stage 
of your life there is nothing 
you can't do. You are going 
to do great in college and 
you will excel in anything 
you set your sights on for 
the future. Congratulations 
to our babiest of baby girls. 
We love you, Mom, Dad, 
Christine, Kelly, and 

Joshua Cain 

Congratulations and best 
wishes for a successful 
future! We are very proud of 
you. Love, Mom, Dad, and 


Mark Vitello 

Congratulations Mark! 
We are so proud of you! 
Love, Mom, Dad, Rachel 
& Thomas 

Briana Naoum 

With pride, and all my love... 
who knew this time would go 
so fast. I am so proud of you!! 
Love, Mom and Dad 

206 baby pictures 

Margo Hughes 

Congratulations! Our lives 
have been blessed with the 
kindest and caring daughter 
& sister. We wish you the 
very best. Love, Mom, Dad 
and Matt 

nomas Donahue 

u have always shown the 
tential for greatness, 
raduation is but a stepping 
one to your future 
xomplishments.With your 
nile and laughter, your 
endly nature, your pursuit 
perfection and let's not 
rget your stubbornness, the 
orld is yours for the taking, 
our Love, Mom and Dad 

mothy Dennehey 

ngratulations! We are 

proud of you. We have 
d a wonderful time 
ising you all these years 
id are amazed at all your 
complishments. Be happy 
id reach for the stars! 
)ve, Mom, Dad, & Pat 

Inanda Rose Newell 

proud of you. Love, Mom 

Sondra Almeida 

So proud then, so proud 
now. Congratulations, 
Sondra! Love Mom & Dad 


Anthony Sacco 

Congratulations Anthony! 
We are very proud of you! 
We know you will excel in all 
your future plans and dreams! 
We love you very much - to 
the moon and back. Mom, 
Dad and Christina 

Joshua Primiano 

It seems like yesterday that we 
brought you home from the 
hospital. Where has the time 
gone? Our little boy has 
grown into a fine young man. 
We are so very proud of you 
& know that you will suceed 
at anything you put your 
mind to. Congratulations! We 
love you. Mom & Dad 

Melissa Chin 

Congratulations! We are so 
proud of all your 
accomplishments. It never 
ceases to amaze us. The day 
you were born we have been 
so blessed as you have 
brought so much joy into our 
lives with your bright smile 
and personality. Whatever 
profession you decide to 
pursue we know you will 
succeed because of your hard 
work and dedication. We love 
you sooo very much! 
Mommy & Daddy 

Alexandra King 

Congratulations! You are 
such an amazing "Dotter" 
and have grown into a 
beautiful caring young lady. 
You have made us so proud 
watching #12 the past four 
years. Believe in yourself 
and follow your dreams! 
We LOVE you! Boom Boom 
you rock! Love, Mom, Dad, 
Tim, and Trevor 

Erin Craig 

Congratulations! We are very 
proud of you. Follow your 
dreams and aim for the stars 
for you can achieve anything 
as long as you are not afraid to 
try. Love Always, Mom & Dad 

Mike Conway 

Congratulations! I'm so 
proud of you. You're 
intelligent and a hardworker. 
I know you'll succeed no 
matter what you decide to do. 
Love Always, Mom 

Ryan Andrews 

Your road will always be 
revealed if you lead with your 
heart. It's the one thing you 
can trust, always comes from 
love. It will shine through the 
dark like a northern star to 
show you what is true. You 
will never loose if only you 
believe with your heart. Love, 
Mom & Dad 

Jake Heney 

You are always in our hearts! 
Go and follow your dreams 
You are amazing! Love, 
Mom & Dad 

Lauren Timmins 

Hello Lauren, Just want to say 
how proud we are seeing all 
that you have accomplished. 
We always knew, since the day 
you were born, what a 
wonderful, beautiful, and 
talented daughter you would 
turn out to be. Love, Mom, 
Dad and all your Family 

Jonathan Hicks 

Congratulations! We are so 
very proud of you and all your 
accomplishments. It hasn't 
always been easy, but we knew 
you could do it; you always 
made it "adventurous." Follow 
your dreams, always believe 
and you will go far. We love 
you! Mom, Dad & Eric 

Ailish Coughlin 

You are and always will be our 
precious little girl. From the 
day you were born you have 
brought such joy to out lives. 
We are filled with pride and 
admiration of the mature and 
caring young woman you have 
become. Congratulations! We 
look forward to your next 
chapter in life and the 
accomplishments and 
happiness we know are in 
your future. We love you, 
Mom, Dad & Ben 

Patrick Fennell 

We are so proud of you. You 
have grown into a caring and 
respectful young man who 
makes us proud every day. You 
are a wonderful son and the 
best brother Richie and 
Gregory could ever ask for. 
We know that no matter what 
path you choose, you will be 
successful in life and continue 
to be a role model for others, i 
Love, Mom and Dad 

Hayley Eaton 

Hayley we are so proud of the 
sweet young lady you have 
become. You are kind and 
always willing to help others! 
We love you, Mom and Dad 

Mike O'Brien 

Congratulations! Mom and 
Dad are very proud of you! 
You are the "light of our lives" 
and have been since the day 
you were born. Stay the way 
you are. We love you big 

Brad Bushell 

Congratulations, Brad. We are 
so proud of you. With your 
intelligence, hard work ethic, 
and that great smile we know 
you will achieve everything 
you want to do. "Set your 
goals high and don't stop 'till 
you get there." Love, Mom, 
Dad and Chris 

Kristin Graham 

We are so very proud of yoij 
& the beautiful young 
woman you have become. 
You have been a breath of 
fresh air since the day you 
were born. Remember you 
only get out of life what yo 
put into it. Whatever road 
you decide to travel, we 
know it will bring you 
success. Please never forget 
the road home. Be safe, Be 
smart, Be happy. We love 
you so much! Mom, Dad 
& Lauren 

Cabi Toro-McCue 

Congratulations Gabi! You a 
remarkable! We are so proud 
of you. Love, Jason, Lili, 
Mom, and Dad 

Rebecca Manougian 

Congratulations! You did it 
I know you will accomplish 
many great things! Love. Mo 


Rachel Nee 

iou are at a wonderful point 
n your life that you could 
mprove the world. ..and 
iomehow we know you will. 
We love you so very much! 
Oove, Mom, Dad, Ashley, 
ind Patrick 

Taylor Rheault 

Strong, independent & 
beautiful. We are so proud of 
you. Keep up the good work, 
and remember live your life 
with no regrets! Much love, 
Mom, Dad, Timmy & 

Phillip Ang 

"Champions are made from 
something they have deep inside 
them-a desire, a dream, a vision ' 
- Muhammad Ali 

Colleen Martell 

Congratulations Colleen! 
We are so very proud of you. 
Love, Dad, Mom, Joe & Brian 

ordan Rosenburg 

ordan Rose, You have 
blossomed into a kind, 
onsiderate and thoughtful 
'oung lady who has made 
is very proud of you. 
vlom & Dad 

Matt Hardman 

Congratulations! I am very 
proud of you. The world is 
your stage, break a leg! 
Love, Mom 

Courtney Morahan 

Congratulations Courtney, 
Dad and I have watched you 
grow into a fine young 
woman. We could not be any 
prouder if you and all your 
accomplishments. We know 
what ever path you choose in 
life will be a successful one. 
We love you! Ma & Dad 

Nicole Pimentel 

Congratulations to my baby 
girl, I am so proud to be 
your mother! I am looking 
forward to seeing you 
accomplish your future 
goals. I know you will be 
successful. Love you always, 
Nikki. Love, Mami 

in Baker 


>u are an amazing person 
d an inspiration to all who 
iow you! Love, Mom, Dad, 
ive, and Neil 

Rachel Ricciuti 

Congratulations! We are so 
proud of the person you are 
becoming. Your determination 
is evident in all of your 
accomplishments. We will 
always be here to encourage 
and support you in your life 
journey. Your bright future lies 
ahead! Lots of love, Mom, Dad 
& Alexandra 

Courtney Meagner 

It was wonderful watching 
you grow from our little 
Honey Bunny to a mature & 
beautiful young lady. 
Everything you did right. We 
are so proud of you and we 
love you so very much. Love 
Nana & Papa 

Molly Barker 

We are very proud of you! 
Love, Dad, Mom & Nick 

baby pictures 211 

Ryan & Andrew 


You have grown into fine 
young men. You make us so 
happy and proud. We love 
you very much! Love, Mom 
and Dad 

Matthew Finnerty 

Congratulations Matthew! 
We wish only the best for 
you. As you leave to go on 
to the next chapter of your 
life, always know how much 
we love you and how proud 
we are. The world is yours. 
Mom & Dad 

Marcus Silva 

Congratulations my love! 
From the first time you 
opened your eyes and looked 
into mine I knew no one 
could ever make me happier or 
more proud! Congratulations 
for a job well done these past 
13 years! All my love forever, 

Jake Jensen 

Jake, Congratulations! We 
cannot be more proud of 
your accomplishments and 
the person you have becom 
We know you will do great 
things in the future. Aim 
high and have fun! We love 
and support you always. 
Love, Mom & Dad 

Sean Stanton 

We are so proud of you. The 
time has gone by way too fast., 
but we've always know the 
world is a better place because 
you're in it. As you move 
forward in your education, all 
the pieces will soon fall into 
place. Stay true to yourself- 
remember you don't get 
harmony if everyone sings the 
same note! We'll love and 
support you forever. 
Congratulations! Love, Mom, 
Dad & Erin 

Michelle Stevenson 

Congratulations! Michelle, we 
are so proud of you and all 
you have accomplished! Good 
luck in college. I know you 
will have a bright and happy 
future! I'll love you forever, 
I'll like you for always, as long 
as I am living, my baby you'll 
be! Love, Mom, Dad, Donny, 
Rose, and Grace 

Caroline Racicot 

You and I are sisters, always 
remember that. If you fall I 
will pick you up... after I 
finish laughing. Love, Emily 

Jared Berman 

Chef Bobo, We could not b 
any prouder of everything 
you have accomplished, kee 
the momentum going. We 
love you, Mr. Mayor. From 
your loving family. 

Shoan Sawant 


Abbey Mount 



Jillian Caplice 

It has been a joy to watch 
you grow up into such a fine 
young lady. We look forward 
to your future successes. 
Reach for the stars! We love 
you! Mom & Dad 

Erin O'Brien 

Congratulations! You may 
have driven us a bit crazy bu 
your drive for academic 
excellence was outstanding. 
We are blessed, proud & love 
you. Mom & Dad 

loshua Berg 

are so very proud of all 
ou have accomplished! You 
.ere the brightest star in the 
iky on the day you were born 
nd you still are! We have no 
oubt you will be successful in 
11 you attempt to achieve! 
iest of luck to you as you 
egin the next phase of your 
3urney called life. Much love 
lways, Mom and Dad 

Oitlyn Solares 

Congratulations Kaitlyn, You 
uve always made us proud, 
.ove, Mom, Papa, Nana 
will always love you baby 
;irl. You made it. Nothing 
an stop you now. Brian 


Aadison Norton 

7e are so very proud of you, 
nd all that you have 
ccomplished. We love you! 
ove, Mom, Dad & Samantha 

Evan Conway 

'You have brains in your head. You 
have feet in your shoes. You can steer 
yourself any direction you choose. 
You're on your own. And you know 
what you know. And YOU are the 
one who'll decide where to go. " 
- Dr. Seuss 

Congratulations Evan, we are 
so proud of you! Love, Mom, 
Dad, and Adam 

r ^ 

Kelsey Cessner 

Congratulations! We are so 
very proud of you and all 
your accomplishments. Since 
the day you were born, you 
have been our little ball of 
energy always pushing 
forward and striving for 
more. It has been wonderful 
to watch you grow up from 
that little girl with the big 
eyes to the beautiful young 
lady you are today. We love 
you. Mom, Dad, Dan, 
and Joe 

Erin Dolan 

Congratulations Erin! We are 
very proud of you. Keep up 
the good work and you will 
succeed in life. Be safe and be 
happy!!! Love, Mom, Dad, 
Megan, Jack, and Kaitlyn 

Charlotte Tucci 

It feels like just yesterday you 
were learning your ABC's and 
now you're graduating from 
high school. You have made 
me proud every step of the 
way. I love you, Mom XOXO 

Bryan Coughlin 

We are so proud of you. 
Reach for the stars and 
always be your own kind of 
beautiful. Love, Mom & Dad 

Amanda Beaudoin 

Our Little Miracle! 
Congratulations!! We are so 
proud of you and the 
wonderful young woman you 
are becoming. Follow your 
dreams and your heart. Stay 
true to yourself. Be open to 
new experiences, new friends, 
and new ideas, but always 
know that we are here for 
you. No matter what you 
decide in life, be happy and 
know that you are loved. 
We love you with all our 
hearts. Dad, Mom, and 

Devon Crook 

My beautiful, sweet babygirl. 
We are so proud of you! As 
you start this next chapter in 
your life, reach for the stars, 
dream big, work hard, laugh 
every day, and never forget 
that you are loved more than 
words can say. Always, Mum 

baby pictures 213 

Rory Flukes 

Hey Rory, Soon you'll be 
sailing away on a new 
adventure, you bring so 
much joy to out family, we 
love you, Dad, Mom, Ted, 
Ali, Em & Jonno 

Tommy Petrangelo 

Congratulations! We are 
so proud of you and your 
success in high school. We 
wish you all the best of luck 
at college! Have a great 
summer! Love, Mom & Dad 


Dillon Bocash 

From the little boy who would 
scream over uncomfortable 
socks to the successful student, 
business owner, and young 
man- we could not be prouder 
of you! You are amazing! 
Mom, Papa, Doug, Nick, 
Ariel, and Dustin 

Shawn Jennette 

Congratulations on all your 
accomplishments. We are so 
proud of you, all the work 
you have done, and of who 
you have become. Your 
possibilities are as endless as 
your dreams. Hope the years 
ahead are great. You deserve 
the very best! We love you. 
Mon, Dad, & Ryan 

Marina Destafanis 

Congratulations Marina! We 
are so proud of you. We wish 
you a bright future. We are 
blessed to have such a 
beautiful daughter and we 
hope all your dreams come 
true. We love you. Mom, Dad, 
Cristina, Adriana, & Johnny 

Rachel McGrath 

From the day you were born 
you have been a source of 
great pride to us. We have 
watched you blossom into a 
beautiful, caring young 
woman. Wherever life leads 
you, know that we will be 
there with you cheering you 
on. You make us proud 
everyday and we love you 
more than words could ever 
say. Love, Mom & Dad 

Jenna Wilson 

We are proud of all you have 
achieved and look forward to 
what you will achieve. Nanny 
and Papa 

Erin Soule 

Congratulations. did it! 
You are amazing and we are 
very proud of you. Keep up 
the good work & good luck at 
college! Love Dad and Sheila. 

Jack Lynch 

We are so proud of you 
Jack in all you have 
accomplished. We wish you 
all the best for your future. 
Much love, Dad, Mom, 
Katie & Emma 

Noah Barden 

Congratulations, Noah! It 
seems as though just yesterd 
we were dropping our little 
"No No" off at pre-school. 
We blinked & you became a 
fine young man who is now 
graduating high school! We 
are so very proud of you! Yc 
have forever been lighting u 
our lives with you beautiful 
smile! Stay true to who you 
have always been, the boy/ 
man with the huge heart, 
great personality, and a fun 
loving easiness about him! 
Whatever journey life takes 
you on, we know you will be 
incredibly successful! We lo\ 
you to the moon and back! 
Mom, Dad, & Christian XO 

Kristina Dias 

You are an inspiration! With 
much Love, Respect & Pride, 
Mom, Dad & Michael 

Kayla O'Toole 

Keep Smiling! U-R-LUVD 

sabella Perfetuo 

Congratulations! We are all so 
■roud of the wonderfully 
dented and beautiful young 
'oman you have grown up to 
e. The world awaits. Love you 

Serena Nash 

We are so proud of you and 
of the lady that you have 
become. You will make an 
amazing nurse. You are my 
little sunshine. Love you 
always, Mom, Dad and Laura 

iarah Waters 

7e hope your future brings 
ou the same joy that you have 
rought to us. We are so proud 
f you, your accomplishments 
nd the incredible young lady 
ou have become. May all 
our dreams and wishes come 
'ue. Love, Mom & Dad 

Joey Nardone 

Joey it's time to spread your 
wings and fly! We love you 
and are so proud of you - now 
go make your mark in this 
world. Love, Mom, Dad, 
Brendan and Josh 

aroline Racicot 

s hard to believe our "baby 
rl" is graduating. We are very 
roud of you. The world is 
mrs to take, go out and get 
. To the moon and back. 
Dve, Mom and Dad 

Samantha Beaton 

You can't change history, 
but it could change you! 
We love you and so proud of 
you! Love, Mom, Dad, 
Hillary, Danny and Angel 

Cory Folsom 

Congratulations, Cory! We 
are very proud of you! We 
love you! Dad, Mom, 
Courtney and Brady 

Jason Brooks 

Congratulations on a big 
accomplishment. We are all 
very proud of you and know 
you will be successful in 
whatever you decide to do. 
Love, Mom, Dad & Nicole 

Ariana LaFavre 

We are do proud of you! You 
are an amazing person and 
we could not have asked for 
a more wonderful daughter! 
We know that whatever you 
choose to do in the future, 
you will be successful and 
happy! We all love you very 
much and are so blessed to 
have you in our lives! 
Love, Mom, Dad and Zack 

Jordan Kinnear 

Jordy, congratulations, you 
did it! All your hard work 
and dedication has paid off. 
You have been our light 
throughout the years and we 
are so proud of all your 
accomplishments and the 
extraordinary young lady you 
have become. The world is 
within your reach - go for it! 
Love, Mom & Dad 

Christopher Dodd 

Congratulations! We are all 
so proud of you. It was not 
easy, but you accomplished 
your goal. Mom, Dad, Paul, 
& Victoria 

Sean Stanley 

Congratulations! We are so 
proud of you. Love Mom 
& Dad 

Michael Umano 

Congratulations! We are very 
proud of you. Whatever the 
future holds in store, we 
know you will do great! Best 
of luck in all your future 
endeavors. Love, Mom, Dad, 
Brian, and Dylan 

Nicolas Micelotta 

Congratulations, Nic! We are 
so proud of you. Think big 
and follow your dreams. If 
your mind can conceive it, 
and your heart can believe it, 
then you can achieve it. Best 
of luck for your future. Love 
always, Mom & Dad 

Nicole Spano 

What a beautiful baby, an 
adorable little girl, now a 
lovely young lady before our 
very eyes. With a world of 
opportunities opening for her. 
We are very proud of you & 
love you, Nina, Linda, & Puma 

Kelley Barrett 

We are so proud of all that 
you have achieved. We have 
enjoyed watching all of your 
games, hard to believe it's 
over! The best is yet to come, 
follow your dreams and we 
know you will be a success! 
Love, Mom and Dad 

Michael Leonard 

Congratulations, Mike! 
We just want you to know 
how proud we are of you. 
All your hard work has paid 
off and now it's time to 
enjoy the next phase of your 
life. Great things lie ahead 
for you. Believe in yourself 
& you can accomplish 
anything. We believe in you 
and love you very much. 
Mom, Dad & Becca 

Jill Riley 

Advice From A Tree: Stand 
tall and proud. Go out on a 
limb. Remember your roots. 
Drink plenty of water. Be 
content with your natural 
beauty. Enjoy the view. 
Love, Mum & Dad 

Michael Sinopoli 

It seems like only yesterday 
that our house was filled with 
toy dinosaurs of every species, 
and you knew the name of 
every one! Now the "dinosaur 
boy" is a bright young man 
with unlimited potential to 
make a difference in the 
world. We are proud of all 
you have accomplished, and 
are excited about the future 
that lies before you. Embrace 
every moment, both good 
and bad, and learn from your 
experiences. We love you very 
much and will support you in 
all you do. Congratulations 
Michael! Love, Mom, Dad, 
and Monica 


Jacqueline Cipolla 

Promise us you'll always 
remember you're braver than 
you believe, stronger than you 
seem, and smarter than you 
think. Congratulations, we're so 
proud of you. Love, Mom, Dad, 
Gina and Phoebe 

Katelyn Allison 

It has been amazing to water 
how you persevere through 
the tough times and excel 
through the good times. You 
have grown into wonderful 
young lady. We believe you 
are ready for the next chapte 
adventure in life's journey 
Love, Mom & Dad 

Sarah Hart 

Congratulations! We are so 
proud of you always. We love 
you. Mom & Dad 

Emily Noll 

Congratulations! We are so 
proud of you! May all of 
your dreams come true! 
Love Mom and Dad 


Dominic Cavallo 

j is time for you to grab 
/our piece of the world 
Dom. Share it with people 
/ou love and with those less 
ortunate. Open it to those 
vho need shelter and guard 
t from those who seek 
;afety. Its value will be 
ealized not by how it serves 
'ou but by how it touches 
)thers. All our love, Mom 
ind Dad 

Fancesca Pizzi 

From the moment you were 
born you brought joy & 
happiness to us. Your inner 
and outer beauty speaks 
volumes! Congratulations on 
another accomplishment, 
one of many to come. "Give 
a girl the right shoes, and she 
can conquer the world!" So 
look out world! Love, Mom, 
Dad, Marco, Mario & Noni 

en Laracy 

ongratulations, Jen! We 
re so proud of your 
ccomplishments and of 
hat an amazing student 
nd young woman you have 
ecome. Your hard work 
nd determination has paid 
ff. Follow your dreams, 
Dntinue down the path 
^u're on and you will 
icceed in whatever you 
loose. We wish you the 
st of luck. We love you. 

Sean Rose 

Congratulations! We are so 
proud of all that you have 
accomplished and of the 
young man you have 
become. Stay true to yourself 
and continue to follow your 
dreams. Always remember 
how much we love you! Love, 
Dad, Mom and Sheighlin 

Andrew Zaleski 

From baby, to toddler, to 
child, to a grown man ready 
to take on the world. We are 
so very proud of the person 
you have become and your 
accomplishments. Keep up 
the fine job and you will 
continue to succeed. Love 
you up to the sky! Mom & 
Dad (Your sister too) 

Matthew Glover 

Your entire family is so proud 
of what you have accomplished 
though the years. You have 
grown into a caring and 
compassionate young man and 
will succeed with the beat of 
your own drum. May all your 
dreams come true! Love you 
always, Mom, Dad, Nicole, 
Connor and Jillian 

Lisa Nault 

The future is yours! Grab it! 
We are so proud of you. 

Caroline Racicot 

Caroline you are a special 
granddaughter, our wishes for 
you are that your joys far 
exceed your disappointments 
and that your hopes and 
dreams for the future come 
true. Love, Nana and Papa 

Katie Damigella 

Congratulations Katie! 
Words cannot express on 
how proud we are of you. We 
wish you all the best for a 
bright future, so follow your 
heart; reach for the stars and 
make all your dreams come 
true. Love, Mom & Dad 

Steven Bekerian 

We are so proud of you! Your 
hard work & dedication to 
whatever you set your mind to 
never ceases to amaze us. You 
have accomplished so much in 
18 years, that we know what- 
ever the future holds, you will 
meet any challenge with 
enthusiasm & perserverance! 
We Love you. Your great smile 
warms our hearts! Mom, Dad, 
Alex & Evan 

Stephanie Russo 

You did it! Very proud of you! 
Now onto the next chapter of 
your life. Live-laugh-love a 
motto to live by! We love 
you, Mom, Skip, Jessica, 
and Ashley 

Sean Murphy 

Watching you grow has been 
one of the greatest years. You 
are a driven young man and 
we have no doubt reaching 
all of your goals with great 
success. Congratulations and 
wishes for a bright future. 
Love, Mom and Dad 

Cameron Newton 

" Your life will be no better than the 
plans you make and action you take. 
You are the architect and builder of 
your own life, fortune, and destiny." 
-Alfred A. Montapert 
Congratulations, so proud of 
you. All my love, Mom 

ZLB baby pictures 

Abbey Liebert 

We are so very proud of you 
and know you will be 
successful in whatever 
comes your way. Enjoy and 
continue to learn in the 
future but never forget your 
incredible past! We love you, 
Mom, Dad, Julia, Emily, 
Colin and Nathan 

Emily Millen 

Our precious baby girl who 
will always make us smile. 
Congratulations on a job well 
done. We are so proud of all 
you have accomplished and 
can't wait to see what the 
future holds for you. Always 
follow your dreams and 
believe in yourself and you 
will be a shinning star. Just 
remember no matter where 
your life leads you we will 
always be right by your side 
supporting and most of all 
loving you always! All of our 
Love, Dad, Mom and 
Danielle P.S You will always 
be our Little Bear 

Emily Burke 

Emily, Congratulations! We 
are so proud of you and all 
you've accomplished. It's been 
a joy watching you grow into 
a smart, beautiful, kind, and 
caring young woman. Your 
wonderful smile, positive 
attitude, and winning 
personality are contagious! 
You are a loyal friend, loving 
sister, and beloved daughter. 
We could not be happier for 
you. We wish you all the luck 
in the world! There is nothing 
you cannot accomplish! We 
love you, Mom and Dad 

Samantha McPhee 

Congratulations on 
graduating from high school, 
we are extremely proud of you. 
You are a wonderful daughter 
who is growing into a 
beautiful young woman. 
Good luck in college. Love 
Always, Mom and Dad 

Stephanie Carvalho 

Congratulations! You have 
grown to become an amazir, 
and beautiful young lady be 
inside and out. You are wise 
strong, and courageous! We 
are very proud of everything 
that you have accomplished 
far. Wherever you will go, w 
know you will succeed. Keep 
on shining! We hope your 
dreams take you to the 
corners of your smiles, to th 
highest of your hopes, and t 
the most special places your 
heart has ever known. Alwa\ 
remember: "I can do all things 
through God who strengthens me". 
Phil 4:13. We love you, Mom 
Jennifer & Jessica 

Mike Powers 

We love you, are so proud 
you and believe in you. Mui 
Dad, Kristen, Meghan, Jake, 
and Bradley 

Marissa Varrasso 

Our Marissa, It has been our 
joy to watch you grow into 
the amazing woman you are 
today. We are all beaming 
with pride at your depth of 
character and your many 
outstanding achievements. 
We know that you will 
continue to accomplish great 
things and touch the world 
in profound way. With those 
stars in your eyes, follow 
your dreams, and use your 
inner compass you help 
>uide you. Remember, your 
safe haven is in your heart & 
put home. Here's wishing 
:hat all your dreams come 
rue. Love you always, Mom 
Be Dad, Andrea & Sabrina. 
four Romeo too! XO 

ryler Phillips 

Congratulations! We are very 
>roud of you. You are off to 
lew and exciting adventures! 
.ots of love, Mom & Dad 

Molly Geden 

Good Golly Miss Molly. It 
seems like only yesterday you 
were graduating preschool, 
and now you walking down 
the aisle graduating high 
school! We are all so proud 
of the beautiful young lady 
you've become. Remember as 
you go off to college, you'll 
always be our baby! Love, 
Mom, Dad, Krista, Sarah, 
Jill, John, Baby John & Jack 

DJ D'Olimpio 

Funny, intelligent, steady 
and sure. Just a few words 
we feel describe you. 
Caring, special, passionate, 
words that show you will 
have an impact on many 
things and lives in your 
future. Amazing, one of a 
kind, the BEST! The kind 
of son and person you are 
and strive to be everyday. 
We could not be more 
proud of you! Always 
remember to be the 
exception & not the rule. 

Morgan Fitzgibbon 

We are so proud of the 
person you have become. We 
have watched you grow from 
a spunky little girl into a 
spunky, caring, and beautiful 
young woman. We have no 
doubt you will accomplish 
any goals you set for yourself 
so dream big and always 
know we are here for you. 
Love, Mom & Dad 

Anthony Spadorcia 

Congratulations Tony! 
Words can not express how 
proud we are of you. You 
have always been a 
hardworking person and it 
has paid off. Good luck in 
anything you attempt to 
do and know that you will 
always have your family 
behind you. May all your 
dreams and wishes come 
true.We love you very 
much. Mom, Dad, Nadia 
& Brady 



Erin Soule 

Congratulations Erin! From 
the first moment we looked 
into your big brown eyes you 
have never ceased to amaze 
us. We could not be more 
proud of all your hard work 
and all that you have 
accomplished. We cannot 
wait to see what more life has 
in store for you as you enter 
the next chapter! We love you 
so much! Love, Jack, Sara, 
Mom & Dad! 

Emma & Sara Toye 

Dear Emma and Sara, 
We are so proud of the 
young ladies you have 
become. It has been a 
blessing to watch you grow 
up together keeping the 
bond of twins, yet having 
your own uniqueness. Your 
passion, hard work, and 
dedication to dance and 
school have shown you can 
accomplish anything you set 
your hearts and minds to. 
Do not ever lose your love 
for life or each other! 
Love always, Mom and Dad 

baby pictures 219 


Meg McCrath 

You are beautiful inside and 
out and we are so proud of 
you. Congratulations! 
We love you, Mom & Dad 

Michaela Stuart 

Congratulations Cay! 
You completed our family 
when you were born. You 
have ALWAYS made us 
COMPLETELY proud of 
you. Your self confidence is 
well deserved and will take 
you far. You have a knack for 
knowing what is important 
in life, making you wise 
beyond your years! Work 
hard, have fun, STAY 
HAPPY! Love from Mom, 
Dad, Sam, Jess, Ben and Zak 

Brian Biagini 

Congratulations! We're 
so proud of you! Love, 
Mom & Dad 

Justine & Janelle 

Congratulations girls! We 
have enjoyed your high 
school years so much. You 
have made us very proud. 
You have also been a joy to 
watch on the Dance Team. 
Good Luck with the next 
chapter. We will be behind 
you every step of the way. 
Love you both so much! 
Mom & Dad 

Melissa Muentes 

Congratulation Michi!! We 
are very proud of you. You 
are an amazing young girl 
who has overcome challenges 
with a smile and positive 
attitude. We are very pleased 
of your accomplishments and 
the wonderful young girl you 
have become. We are sure you 
will meet your goals and 
make your dreams come true. 
We love you Chichita, keep 
smiling! Mamachina & Dad 

Devon Stone 

The first day I saw you I knew 
right away I would love you 
forever more and more 
everyday As a sweet little girl 
You knew how I felt A look 
and a smile My heart you 
would melt You're now a 
young lady And it's easy to see 
You've grown and matured 
With grave and beauty Love 
you Monkey, Dad 

Lauren Halloran 

I can't believe you are 
graduating! It seems like 
yesterday you were starting 
Kindergarten! Where has the 
time gone? You have grown up 
to be such a beautiful person 
inside and out, and I am so 
proud of you! I know you will 
make you dreams come true! 
We love you so much! Mom, 
Tim and Julianne 

Cody Tilton 

Congratulations Cody! We 
are proud of all your 
achievements. Reach for the 
stars and all your dreams wil 
come true! We love you, 
Mom, Dad, Corey & Carly 

Kelsey Burr 

Congratulations! You came 
into our life as this amazing 
baby girl - look at you now! 
You were a live wire and still 
are today. You have worked s< 
hard to get where you are 
today - we are so very proud c 
you! As you begin this next 
chapter of your life we know 
that with your determination 
you will accomplish anything 
you set your mind to. Above 
all we wish you happiness in 
all that you do! Always 
remember that we are on you 
team. Reach for your dreams. 
Always! We love you, Mom & 
Dad. Way to go Kelsey, Love, 
Mark & Brian 

:ullen Mansfield 

Zullen, our little Paesan! We 
annot believe you are already 
;raduating high school & 
leading off to college to 
lursue your dreams. You have 
;rown into such a respectful 
/oung man and 15 Hitlon 
Dr. just won't be the same 
vithout you. We will miss 
fou but are so excited for this 
lext chapter of your life. You 
:ontinually make us smile, we 
ire so proud of you, keep up 
:he great work and 
congratulations on a job well 
.done! We love you! Mom 
Dad, Morgan & Perri 

Christine Murphy 

Congratulations Christine! It 
seems like just yesterday you 
were a little girl. We have had 
the privilege of watching you 
become an admirable young 
woman. We are so proud of 
all your accomplishments 
and we know you will be a 
huge success in your future. 
Love, Mom & Dad 

Tommy Hickey 

I wish you the STRENGTH 
to face the challenges with 
confidence along with the 
WISDOM to choose your 
battles carefully. I wish you 
ADVENTURE on your 
journey and may you always 
stop to HELP someone along 
the way. Listen to your 
HEART and take risks 
carefully. Remember how 
much you are LOVED. I am 
so PROUD of you! Love, 
Mom, Dad, John, and Lizzie 

Mike Miller 

Congratulations! We are so 
proud of you. Hard to believe 
you are graduating from high 
school and moving on to the 
next big chapter in your life 
that we know you are looking 
forward to beginning. You 
have become such a fine 
young man and we are 
honored to have been with 
you through this 
transformation. May your 
upcoming journey be all that 
you hoped for. Keep your 
head held high and know that 
we are behind you every step 
of the way. Love, Mom, Dad, 
and Chris 

Lauren Kiely 

Lauren (lala), We are very 
blessed to have a daughter 
that possesses so many great 
attributes as you do. Our 
beautiful little blue-eyed 
blonde haired little girl has 
blossomed into a 
charismatic, intelligent and 
compassionate young 
woman that possesses both 
inner and outer beauty. You 
have exceeded all the goals 
you have set for yourself so 
far, and have exceeded all of 
our expectations and 
dreams. Congratulations and 
best of luck as life's 
opportunities await you! 
Love Mom and Dad 


Elise Abbene 

Congratulations on your 
graduation. We're so proud of 
you, more than you can know. 
We wish you lots of love, luck, 
health & happiness always and 
success in your future. Your 
are incredibly caring, talented 
& loving who has grown into 
a beautiful young lady. We 
know you will achieve 
whatever path you choose to 
go on. Follow your dreams for 
they will always lead in the 
right direction. We Love You, 
Mom, Dad, Benjamin & Paul 

Lily Dumont 

To our Lily - From the years 
since you were first enamored 
with Ariel to the graduate 
you are today, we have 
enjoyed every moment of 
watching you blossom and 
find your own way. Love, 
Dad & Mama (aka Prince 
Philip and Grimsby) 

Erin Doyle 

It seems like only yesterday 
you were crawling across the 
floor. Now we watch you 
drive off in your car. It has 
been an amazing journey 
watching you grow up. 
We're so proud of you and 
all you've accomplished. 
Always remember to believe 
in yourself so you can 
achieve your goals and 
receive all that life has to 
offer. Go out there and 
conquer your dreams! 
Love, Mom and Dad 

baby pictures 221 

Stephanie Davis 

From the moment you were 
born you have been 
independent and strong, 
while remaining kind and 
caring. You will go far in life. 
You have become a wonderful 
young woman. We are very 
proud of you! Visualize this 
thing that you want - see it - 
feel it - believe it. If you 
believe you can- you can! We 
love you bunches! Mom, 
Dad, and Jackie 


Erin Mahoney 

Where did the time go? We 
are very proud of you and 
admire your stamina and 
ambition. We congratulate 
you and wish you the best as 
you embark on your next 
journey. We love you. Mom, 
Dad, and Ryan 

Bridget O'Donovan 

"I hope you never fear those 
mountains in the distance Never 
settle for the path of least resistance 
Livin ' might mean takin ' chances, 
but they 're worth takin ' Lovin ' 
might be a mistake, but its worth 
makin ' Don 't let some Hell bent 
heart leave you bitter When you 
come close to sellin ' out, reconsider 
Give the heavens above more than 
just a passing glance And when you 
get the choice to sit it out or dance I 
hope you dance" 
-Lee Ann Womack 
Bridget (aka PP)- Make each 
day count and what you do 
with that day matter. You are 
a very secial person and great 
things are yet to come. 
Remember that no matter 
what lies ahead, we will 
always be right behind you! 
Love you Loads, Momma, 
Daddy, Aidan, Katie, Sheila 
and Nellie xoxoxoxo 

David Warner 

Congratulations! You are so 
talented and creative and can 
accomplish anything you set 
your mind to - the sky is the 
limit! We are all so proud of 
you! Mom, Brian, & Dave 

Sarah Mello 

We are so proud of you! We 
believe God has great plans 
for you. Keep strong in your 
faith and everything else will 
work out. We are so fortunate 
to have such a sweet, mature 
and beautiful daughter. We 
love you! Mom & Dad 

i . 1 

Rossy Herrera 

Princess, Congratulations on 
your graduation! You make us 
proud once again with one 
more accomplishment in your 
journey. Your sweet smile & 
your positive attitude will take 
you far. We always believe in 
you; and we know that 
whatever your goal in life is, 
you will succeed. We love you 
very much. Mom & Dad 

Eileen MacKintire 

Congratulations! Your hard 
work paid off. We love and 
are proud of you. Way to go! 
Dad, Mom, Joe and Paul 

Julia Hoyt 

You're the best! 
Congratulations on a job wel 
done! We are so proud of oui 
brown-eyed baby. Love, Mom 
Dad, Stephanie & Frank 

Liam Torney 

Anything is possible if you 
put your mind to it!! The 
future is full of opportunities, 
and pursue your dreams! 
Remember to be kind and 
grateful to others, and most o 
alL.Keep the faith! We love 
you, Mom and Dad 


>aui Archibald 

Congratulations Paul! We 
an't believe how fast the 
ears have gone from your 
irst steps to graduation. You 
tave always shown what a 
eader you are. We couldn't 
>e prouder and know that 
vith your strength, character 
nd dedication you will 
ucceed in all you do. We 
ove you! 


Congratulations Chris! We 
are so proud of you and all 
that you have accomplished! 
High school has ended and 
college is about to begin. 
Study hard, laugh often and 
always remember to believe 
in yourself! We love you! 
Mom, Dad, Michelle & Sean 

Molly Duggan 

We love you to the moon 
and back! Mom & Dad! 

Melissa Ray 

All the dreams we prayed 
you'd be. Are all the things 
you are. You were once our 
little girl. And now our 
shining star. Congratulations. 
Love, Mom, Dad & Eddie 

Natalie Kehlbeck 

What a difference you have 
made in our lives. We are so 
very proud of you. 

Brendan Tevenan 

Congratulations! Your years 
from the Johnson Pre- School 
to Weymouth High School 
have gone by so quickly. Your 
hard work and determination 
have led you to the day 
you've been talking about for 
a year now - graduation! We 
are so proud of the friendly, 
caring young man you have 
become. As you go forward 
inot your next adventure, 
may you continue to make 
friends with everyone and 
find as much happiness as 
you spread. We love you 
Handsome! Love, Mom, Dad, 
Julie, and Patrick Xoxoxoxoxo 

Haley Corthell 

Congratulations, Haley! We 
are so proud of you. Love 
you! Mom & Dad 

Annie Mclnnis 

Congratulations. We are so 
proud of you! We wish you the 
best on your journey. Love, 
Mom, Dad, and Theresa 

Morgan Fitzgibbon 

Thank you for being such 
a great little-big sister. I am 
really going to miss you next 
year. Love, Ross 

Caroline Racicot 

Caroline you will always be 
my little "Chicklet". I am very 
proud of you. Love, Grandy 

baby pictures 223 


I f' 

The Top 5 Artists We Loved Then: 

The Backstreet 


* 91 9f C 

The Top 5 Fads we Loved Then: 

Britney Spears 

The Top 5 Shows we Loved Then: 

Boy Meets World 

Hey Arnold 

Hot Wheels 




Destiny's Child 

Troll Dolls 

Lizzie McGuire 


Uoofc.V £*cfc Vle\\, It M*fceS Me 

- Kenny Chesney 

Class Co-Vice President Class Co-Vice President 

Tommy Hickey Kristina Dias 

Class President 

Marissa Varrasso 


Megan M. Abban 


-Megan Abban 

Elise R. Abbene 

Dance Team (10-12) 

"Live your life with arms wide open. Today is 
where your book begins, the rest is still unwritten. ' 
-Natasha Bedingfield 

Brianna M. Abdallah 

Dance Team (10-12) 
National Honor Society (12) 
Best Buddies (9) 

"What you do, and who you are makes a difference. 
-John O'Callaghan 

Jason R. Adams 

Football (9) 

"I'm only playing one song and I'm not coming 
back for ten years! And when I come back. " 
-Jimmy "The Rev " Sullivan 

Kyle J. Adams 

Soccer (9-12) 

" The inner machination of my mind 
are an enigma. " 
-Patrick Star 

Gina M. Allegra 

Skills USA (9-11) Bronze medal (9) 

"A word aptly spoken is like apples of gold 
in a setting of silver. " 
-Proverbs 25:11 

Katelyn E. Allison 

Soccer (9) 

"Life is full of disappointment so keep your 
head up and push on through. " 
-Katelyn Allison 

Sondra C. Almeida 

■*a Best Buddies (9), SADD (9), Yearbook (12) 

I "The way to prepare for life is to begin to live. " 
I -E. Hubbard 

Nostia D. Amazan 

Track & field (9-12) 
J College 

"The future belongs to those who believe in 
the beauty of their dreams. " 

Class of 


Whitney B. Ambler 

Yearbook (12) 

"Like a river flows surely to the sea, darling, 
so it goes some things are meant to be. " 

Colleen B. Anderson 

Best Buddies (9-12) 
Senior Committee (12) 
Yearbook (12) 

"Live to love and laugh a lot. " 
-Kenny Chesney 

Matthew S. Anderson 

Hiking Club (11-12) 
Amnesty International (10-12) 

"Mystery creates wonder is the basis of man 's 
desire to understand. " 
-Neil Armstrong 

Ryan A. Andrews 

Basketball (9-12) Captain (9) 

"No dream is too big; follow yours and live 
the life you have always imagined. " 
-Ryan Andrews 

Phillip S. Ang 

Class Treasurer (9), Jazz Band (9-12) 
Marching Band (9-12) Section Leader (9-12) 
WHS Free Press (9-11), Math Team (9-12) 
Winter Guard (9), NHS (12) 

"I said, 'Don 't quit, suffer now and live 
the rest of your life as a champion. " 
-Mohammad Ali 

Brianna C. Arthur 


"Life is a lesson. Everything else is creativity 
and energy. " 
-Chris Brown 

Zahraa Awada 

Winter Track (9) 

SADD Vice President (11), President (12) 

"Happiness does not depend on what you have or 
who you are, it solely relies on what you think. " 

Erin E. Baker 


"Be who you are and say what you feel because 
those who mind don 7 matter, and those who 
matter don V mind. " 
-Dr. Seuss 

senior index 229 

Senior Index 

Emalee L. Barbosa 

Cheerleading (9), Cross Country (10) 

"Optimism is the faith that leads to 
achievement. Nothing can be done without 
hope and confidence. " 
-Helen Keller 

Noah A. Barden 

Skills USA (9-12) 

"I don't care if you're black, Muslim, annoying, 
have one arm, have mental disabilities, if you're 
overweight, underweight. ..If you respect me, I'll 
respect you, simple as that. " 
-Noah Barden 

Molly E. Barker 

Cross Country (9-12) Captain (12) 
Indoor Track (9-12) Captain (12) 
Outdoor Track (9-12) 

"Even if you 're on the right track, you '11 get 
run over if you just sit there. " 
-Will Rogers 

Kelley E. Barrett 

Soccer (9) 

Volleyball (10-12) Captain (12) 
Basketball (9-12) Captain (12) 
National Honor Society (12) 

"Be who you are and say how you feel because 
those who mind don 't matter and those who 
matter don 't mind. " 
-Dr. Suess 

Clara N. Barthelemy 

Robotics (11) 

"The happy people are not the ones who have 
everything but the happiest people are the ones 
who make the best out of everything. " 
-Claude Joseph 

Danielle G. Batista 

SADD (11-12) 

"Be the change you want to be in the world. " 

Samantha A. Beaton 

Glee Club (9) WHS Free Press (9-10) 

Chorus (9-10) Student Senate (12) 

Senior Committee (12) 

Student Advisory Committee(12) 

Theatre (9-12) Festival Theatre (9-12) 


"A women's place is in the house. ..and in the senate. 

Amanda M. Beaudoin 

Soccer (9-11) 

"Be who you are and say what you feel 
because those who mind don 't matter and 
those who matter don 't mind. " 
-Dr. Seuss 

John P. Behan III 


"Life moves pretty fast, if you don 't stop and look 
around sometimes you could miss it. " 
-Matthew Broderick (Ferris Bueller) 

Steven L. Bekerian 

Skills USA (9-12) 

"My best friend is the one who brings 
out the best in me. " 
-Henry Ford 

Kaitlyn M. Berardinelli 

Track (9) 

"It's important to be willing to make 
mistakes. The worst thing that can 
happen is you become memorable. " 
-Sara Blakely 

Joshua F. Berg 

Soccer (9-12) Co-Captain (12) 

"So who is coming in second today?' 
-Larry Bird 

230 senior index 

Jared S. Berman 

Best Buddies (9-12) President (11-12) 
| Student Senate (9-12) President ( 1 1-12) 
Freshmen Class President (9) 
Skills USA (9-12) President (11) 

"I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do 
everything, but I can do something. And I will not 
let what I cannot do interfere with what I can do. " 
-Edward Everett Hale 

Class of 2013 


V No Photo 
i Available 


Mackenzie E. Bradley 

jy College 

"Be as you wish to seem. ' 

Julie I. Best 

Track (9) 

Best Buddies (9) 


"If there are no ups and downs in your life, 

it means you are dead. " 


Joseph D. Brancaccio 


"Life is not about how many breaths you take, 
but how many moments take your breath 
away. " 

Brian J. Biagini 

Baseball (9-12) Captain (12) 

Golf (10-12) Captain (12) 

National Honor Society (11-12) Secretary 


"The more you dream, the farther you get. " 
-Michael Phelps 

Steven J. Bransfield 

Football (9-12) 

"Life passes most people by while they 
are making grand plans for it. " 
-George Jung 

Brenda A. Bithoney 

"There's three ways to do things; the 
right way, the wrong way, and the 
way I do it. " 
-Robert DeNiro 

Madison G. Blanchard 

Track (9-10) 

Ultimate Frisbee (11-12) 
National Honors Society (12) 

- "Sometimes people are beautiful, not in looks, 
' what they say, just in what they are. " 

i Kaitlyn A. Bonner 

3 College 

■ "Laugh as much as you breathe, and love 
I as long as you live. " 
y -Unknown 

Jordan T. Breton 

Baseball (10-12) 

"Tma be what I set out to be, without a 
doubt undoubtedly and all those who look 
down on me, I'm tearing down your 
balcony. " 

Erin C. Brigham 

Soccer (9), Dance Team (11-12) 

"I love people who make me laugh. I honestly 
think it's the thing I like most, to laugh. It cures a 
multitude of ills. It's probably the most important 
thing in a person. " 
-Audrey Hepburn 

Jason Brooks 


"Life's not about how hard you hit; it's 
about how hard you get hit, and keep 
movin ' forward. " 
-Rocky Balboa 

Senior index 

Emily N. Burke 

Soccer (9-10) 
Winter Track (9-10) 
Spring Track (9-10) 

"Enjoy the little things in life, for some day 
vu '11 realize they were the big things. " 
-Robert Brault 

Kelsey M. Burr 

Indoor Track (9-12), Outdoor Track (9-12) 

"I believe that everything happens for a reason. People 
change so that you can learn to let go, things go wrong 
so that you can appreciate them when they 're right, you 
believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but 
yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart so better 
things can jail together. " 
-Marilyn Monroe 

Jillian K. Caplice 


"You can run from the disappointments you 're 
trying to forget, but its only when you embrace your 
past that you truly move forward. " 
-Now and Then 

Shawna E. Carroll 

Childcare (9-12) 

"// is what it is. " 

Alec W. Carter 


V'i Jil 

Bradley R. Bushell 

Hockey (9-12) 

"Set your goals high, and don't stop 
until you get there. " 
-Bo Jackson 

Meaghan H. Butler 

Drama (9-12) 
Chorus (10-12) 

"Tfw trick is to enjoy life. Don 't wish away 
your days waiting for better ones ahead. " 

Joshua M. Cain 

Hockey (9-11) 

"We can V change the world, unless we 
change ourselves. " 

-Christopher "Biggie Smalls" Wallace 

Courtney M. Camillo 

Senior Committee (12) 
Best Buddies (12) 

"If you don V dream big there 's no use oj 
dreaming. If you don 't have faith, there 's 
nothing worth believing. " 
-Justin Bieher 

Michael L. Carthas 

Hockey (9-12), Soccer (9-11), Yearbook (12) 

"We know that hockey is where we live, where we can 
best meet and overcome pain and wrong and death. Life 
■ is just a place where we spend time between games. " 

■ -Fred "The Fog" Shew 

Stephanie A. Carvalho 

Soccer (9-12) 

"I can do all things through Christ, who 
strengthens me. " 
-Philippians 4:13 (Bible) 

Javron Castor 


"I like long walks especially when they 
are taken by people who annoy me. " 
-Jon Allen 

^ Dominic J. Cavallo 

Tennis (9-12) Captain (12) 

-Dominic J. Cavallo 

232 senior index 

Jennifer Chahine 

Track and Field (9-10) 



"Work like you don V need the money, love like 
your heart has never been broken, and danee 
like no one is watching. " 

-Aurora Greenway 

Kyle R. Champagne 


"If you can V make it good at least 
make it look good. " 
-Bill Gates 

Class of 2013 


Jozias A. Colon 

Glee (11) President (12) 

"Hakuna Matata " 
-Lion King 

Bridget M. Connolly 

Best Buddies (9-12) 

"Smile even through your toughest times, 

it shows you 're strong. " 


Melissa A. Chin 

Swim Team (9) 
Dance Team (10-12) 

National Honors Society (1 1-12) President (12) 

"The future belongs to those who believe 
in the beauty of their dreams. " 
-Eleanor Roosevelt 

Kerrin J. Connolly 

WHS Free Press (10-12) Editor in Chief (1 1-12) 

Teenage Democrats (12) 


"I am a/ways learning the tombstone 
will be my diploma. " 
-Eartha Kitt 

Robert M. Chin 

Football (9) 

Senior Committee (12) 


"Do not dwell in the past do not dream 
of the future, concentrate the mind on the 
present moment. " 

Evan J. Conway 

Lacrosse (9-12) 
Football (12) 
Hockey (9-12) 

"I'm just happy to be here. 
-Handle Bars 

' Marisa E. Ciarlone 


"Art enables us to find ourselves and 
loose ourselves at the same time. " 
-Tlmmas Merton 

Joseph J. Conway 

Wrestling (9-12) Captain (12) 

"All I ever wanted was a cool dry place to rest 
my bones, not to drift along with this current 
forever not having to sing alone. " 
-A lossjor words 

Jacqueline S. Cipolla 

Cross Country (9-12) 
Indoor Track (9) 
Outdoor Track (9-10) 

"Maybe the best thing to do is stop 
trying to figure out where you 're at. " 

Michael N. Conway 

Wrestling (9-12) 

"I climbed to the top of the mountain with no 
fear of tumbling down. With one brief moment 
in time, I found my mind of this town. " 
-A loss for words 

Senior index 

Christopher J. Coppola Jr. 

Percussion Band (9-12) 
Jazz Band (11-12) 
Unplugged (9-12) 

"Faith is being sure of what you hope 
for and certain of what you do and not see. 
-Hebrews 11:1 

| Bryan P. Coughlan 

Senior Committee (12) 

"Be yourself man. Be proud of who you are. Even 
if it sounds corny, don 't ever let no one tell you 
ain 't beautiful. " 
-Marshall Mathers 

Ailish A. Coughlin 

Winter Track (9-10) 
Spring Track (9-10) 
Cross Country (10-12) 

"Keep smiling because life is a beautiful thing 
and there s so much to smile about. " 
-Marilyn Monroe 

Brendan J. Coughlin 


"It's hard road, but only fools take the 
easy way out. " 
-Rude Awakening 

Shaun P. Coveney 

Soccer (9-11) 

"A life worth living is a person willing to live. 

Kelly A. Cronin 

Basketball (9), Softball (9-12) 

"Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. 
Don 't resist them; that only creates sorrow. Let reality 
be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in 
whatever way they like. " 
-Lao Tzu 

Devon C. Crook 

Chorus (10-12), Cheerleading (12) 

"If you are trying to achieve there will be roadblocks. I've had 
them. Everybody has had them. But obstacles don 't have to stop t 
you. If you run into a wall, don 't turn around and give up. 
Figure out how to climb it go through it, or work around it. ' 
-Michael Jordan 

Erin N. Craig 

Gymnastics (9-12) Captain (12) 

"All that I'm full of laughter as long as 
I 'm laughing with you. " 
-Chris Daughtry 

Thomas V. Crosby 

Volleyball (10) 

"Don 't be afraid of opposition remember 
a kite rises against the wind. " 

Keison A. Cunningham 

Football (9, 12) 
Basketball (9) 

Lacrosse (9-12) Captain (1 1-12) 

"When you look good you feelgood, when you feel good 
J^you play good and when you play good you win. " 

Janelle P. Currier 

Dance Team (9-12) Captain (12) 
National Honors Society (12) 

"Life is like dancing. If we have a big floor, many 
people will dance. Some will get angry when 
everything changes. But life is changing all the time. 
-Miguel Angel Ruiz 

Justine L. Currier 

Dance Team (10-12) 
Yearbook (12) 

'You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every 
experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face, 
you are able to say to yourself, I have lived through this 
horror and can take the next thing that comes along. You 
must do the thing you think you cannot do. " 
-Eleanor Roosevelt 

234 senior index 

DougJ. D'Olimpio 

Unplugged (11) 

"Life moves pretty fast. If you don 't stop and look 
around once in a while, you might miss it. " 
-Ferris Bueller 

Nicole E. Daukas 

Swimming (9-12) Captain (12) 
Basketball (9-12) Captain (12) 
Track (9, 11-12) 

"Be yourself everyone else is already taken. 
-Oscar Wilde 

Christopher D. Davern 

WCAT (10-12) 

Weymouth High Theater Company (9-12) 

"Life moves pretty fast. If you don 't stop to look 
around once in a while, you might miss it. " 
-Ferris Bueller 

AidenJ. Davis 


Class Of 2013 

Stephanie A. Davis 

Skills USA (10-12) 
Best Buddies (10) 

"Today was good. Today was fun. 
Tomorrow is another one... " 
-Dr. Seuss 


% No Photo 
/ Available 


Kelsey L. DeBello 


«> "Go confidently in the direction of your 
dreams. Live the life you have imagined. " 
-Henry David Thoreau 

Taylor N. Dellamano 

Anime Club (11-12) SADD(ll) 

"From our class superheroes with other worldly 
superpowers to Harry Potter, Star Wars, and yes, 
even Dragonballz, imagination is a wonderful, 
powerful thing that (like Goku 's Spirit Bomb) 
can be used for good or evil. " 


Timothy M. Dennehey 

Baseball (9), Basketball (10-1 1) 
Football (9-12) Captain (12) 

"The difference between a successful person and 
others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of 
knowledge, but rather a lack of will. " 
-Vince Lombardi 

Marina F. Destefanis 

Soccer (9-12), Lacrosse (9-12) 

Basketball (9) 


"Take chances and never regret, because 
today is the youngest you will ever be. " 

Christian R. DeStefano 

Football (9) 
Wrestling (12) 

"Supreme excellence consists in breaking 
the enemy's resistance without fighting. " 
-Sun Tzu 

Kristina M. Dias 

Class Vice President (12), Class Secretary (10) 
Soccer (9), Basketball (9-12), Softball (9, 11-12) 

"There is a good reason they call these ceremonies 
'commencement exercises'. Graduation is not the end; 
it's the beginning. " 
-Orrin Hatch 


No Photo 

Michelle DiBiasie 

\ Trade School 
\t"No Comment. " 
v -Ryan Bennett 

senior index 235 

Senior index 

Natalia E. DiConzo 

National Honors Society (12) 

Softball (9-10) 


"The great moments of your life won't necessarily be 
the things you do. Tliey '11 also be the things that 
happen to you... But never forget, that on any day, you 
could step out the front door, and your whole life could 
change forever. " 

-TedMosby from How I Met Your Mother 

Dominic V. DiNino 

National Honors Society (12) 

"History is written by the Victors. " 

Christopher A. Dodd 


"Rise above hate. " 
-John Cena 

Jonathan T. Doherty 

Indoor Track (9-10) 

Outdoor Track (9-10) 

United States Marine Corps 

"What is the point of being alive if you don 't 

at least try to do something remarkable. " 

-John Green 

Ajay K. Dol 


"Life never stops and neither does time, 
so make the best oj them. " 
-Ajay K. Dol 

Erin M. Dolan 

Cross Country (9-12), Winter Track (9-10) 

Spring Track (9-12) 


"Things can change at any moment, for better or for 
worse. So value what you have. Be grateful. Live in 
the moment. " 
-Christopher Reeves 

Thomas J. Donahue 

Lacrosse (9-12) 
Soccer (9-11) 

"If winning isn V everything then why do 
they keep score. " 
-Vince Lombardi 

Nora E. Donovan 

Basketball (9) 

Softball (9-10) 

Softball Co-Captain (9-10) 

Skills USA (11) 


"Life is so much easier with a sense of humor. ' 

Thomas L. Donovan 

Wrestling (9) 

Trade/Technical School 

"There is only one corner of the universe you can be 

certain of improving and that's your own self." 

-Aldous Huxley 

Sean P. Downs 

Hockey (9-12) JV Captain (11) 

"Be who you are and say what you feel because 
those who mind don V matter and those who 
matter don 't mind. " 
-Dr. Seuss 

Erin N. Doyle 

Swim Team (9-12), Skills USA 
Senior Committee 
Art Club (11-12) 

CTE Advisory Board & Secretary (11-12) 

"Life is one big road with lots of signs. So when you're 
riding through the ruts, don V complicate your 
mind.. .Put your vision to reality. Wake up and live!" 

jgj Jessica A. Dugan 

Swimming (10-12) 
Best Buddies (9) 

"Just keep swimming. " 
-Doty from Finding Nemo 

236 senior index 

f ; 

Lily E. Dumont 

Concert Band (9-11), Jazz Band (9-10) 

Marching Band (9-1 1), Pit Band (9) 

WHS Free Press (10-12) 

Tennis (10-12) Co-Captain Tennis (12) 

Teenage Democratic Club (12) 

Variety Show (11-12) 


"We are such stuff as dreams are made on, 
rounded with a little sleep. " 
-The Tempest, Shakespeare 

Sydney J. Ehrhardt 

Lacrosse (9-10) 
Yearbook (12) 

"Live your life with arms wide open, today is where 
your book begins, the rest is still unwritten. " 
-Natasha Beddingfield 

Courtney A. Emde 

Basketball (9-12), Chorus (10-12) 
Student Committee (12) 

"Worry about your character not your reputation 
because your character is who you are and your 
reputation is what people think you are. " 
-John Wooden 

Daron D. English 
I Basketball (12) 
1 College 

I "Don 't chase. Get chosen. 
-Marvelous Mason 

Class Of 2013 

Colin J. Feeney 


"Destroying things is much easier than making them. 
-Suzanne Collins 

Patrick D. Fennell 

Football (10), Lacrosse (10-12) 

"Great moments are born from great 
opportunities. " 
-Herb Brooks 

Hayley M. Fagan 

Spring Track (9-10), Winter Track (10) 
National Honors Society (12) 
Student Representatives (12) 

"Live the full life of the mind, exhilarated by new 
ideas, intoxicated by the romance of the unusual. " 
-Ernest Hemingway 

Ashley N. Ferrante 


"In life we do things. Some we wish we had never done. 
Some we wish we could replay a million times in our 
heads. But they all make us who we are, and in the end 
they shape every detail about us...So just live, make 
mistakes, have wonderful memories, but never ever 
second guess who you are, where you have been and most 
importantly where it is you 're going. " 
-Shana Howard 

Ashley E. Field 

Drama Club (9, 11-12) 

Amnesty International (10, 12) 

Glee Club (11-12) 

Teenage Democratic Club (12) 


"Never give up on somethingyou couldn 7 

live a day with out. " 


Matthew G. Finnerty 

Soccer (9-10) 

Teenage Republicans (11-12) 

Student Advisory Committee (12) Chairman (12) 


"Make your choice, adventurous stranger, strike the bell 
and bide the danger, or wonder till it drives you mad, 
what would have followed if you had. " 
-C.S. Lewis 

David R. Fairfax 

Soccer (10-12) 

United States Marine Corps 

"Tlje final result will only be as good as the effort. 


Emily M. Fitzgerald 

Drama Club (10-12), Newspaper (10-12) 

Variety Show (10-12) 


"Everything has to come to an end, sometime. 
-L. Frank Baum 

senior index 237 



Morgan E. Fitzgibbon 

Soccer (9), Spring Track (9-12) 
Cross Country (10-12) Captain (12) 
Indoor Track (9-12) Captain (12) 

"In three words I can sum up everything I've 
learned about life: it goes on. " 
-Robert Frost 

Rory Flukes 

National Honors Society (11-12) Treasurer (12) 

Senior Committee (12) 


"When you want it bad enough, you don't have to chase 
your dreams. When you work hard enough your dreams 
almost chase you. " 
-Jonny Bones Jones 

Joshua M. Gallant 

Cross Country (1 1-12), Indoor Track (10-12) 

Outdoor Track (10-12) 


"The problem, is that when you look for things in life like 
love, meaning motivation, it implies they are sitting behind 
tree or under a rock. The most successful people in life 
recognize, that in life they create their own love, they 
manufacture their own meaning they generate their own 
motivation. " 
-Neil DeGrasse Tyson 

Giulia Gallinella 

Cross Country (12), Winter Track (12) 

Spring Track (12) 


"All the world's a stage. " 
-William Shakespeare 

Kristina L. Flynn 

Dance Team (1 1-12) 

"Be yourself, everyone else is taken. ' 
-Oscar Wilde 

Molly M. Geden 

Basketball (9-10) Manager (11) 
Spring Track (9), Best Buddies (9, 12) 

'You can only be young once but you can 

always be immature. " 


Cory D. Folsom 

Football (9-12) 
Basketball (9-12) 
Baseball (9-12) 

"If opportunity doesn 't knock, build a door. ' 
-Milton Berie 

I Kelsey E. Gessner 

| Winter Track (9), Spring Track (9) 

Soccer (9-11), Rotary Interact Club (11-12) 
i College 

f ~\ "Instead of wondering when your next vacation 
- is, maybe you should set up a life you don 't need 
■■ to run away from. " 
-Seth Godin 

Kelsey J. Foulsham 

Ski Club 

"Live inside each beautiful or terrible thing that's 
happening to you because the present may be all 
you've got. " 

Michael R. Glavin 


"Don 't rush through life, take your time and smile 
and laugh at all of the little things. You 're only here 
once so enjoy it and regret nothing. " 

Molly A. Gallagher 

Lacrosse (9-1 1)JV Captain (11) 

Winter track (10) 


"Appreciate everything regret nothing. Even 
if your path leads you to a dead end, at least 
the journey will be worth remembering. " 

Matthew Z. Glover 
Hi College 

^^^^^ "He who makes a beast of him self gets rid 
of the pain of being a man. " 
-Stephen Johnson 

Kristin P. Graham 

Cross Country (9-12), Basketball (9-11) 
Outdoor Track (9-12), Drum Club (11) 
National Honors Society (12) 

"But be not of greatness; some are born great, 
some achieve greatness, and some have 
greatness thrust upon them. " 
-William Shakespeare 

Scott F. Greenwood 

Soccer (9-11) 

National Honors Society (12) 

"If you ain 't first, you 're last. " 
-Ricky Bobby 

Stephen P. Grey 


Class Of 2013 

Sarah M. Hadar 

Tennis (9-12) Captain (12) 
Cross Country (9-12) 
National Honors Society (11-12) 
Junior Prom Committee (11) 

"During your life, never stop dreaming. No 
one can take away your dreams. " 
-Tupac Shakur 

Matthew T. Hardman 

Weymouth Theatre Company (9, 1 1-12) 

Marching Band (9-10) 

Free Press (10-12) 

Literary Magazine (11-12) 


"TJjere is nothing to writing. All you do is sit 
down at a typewriter and bleed. " 
-Ernest Hemingway 

W>yflL -^known 

Jake P. Heney 

Amnesty International (11-12) 
National Honors Society (12) 
Soccer (9) 
Track (10) 

"If you ain 't first, you 're last. " 
-Ricky Bobby 

Rossy T. Herrera 

National Honor Society (11-12) 

Soccer (9-12), Costa Rica Service Project (11) 


"One person can make a difference, 
but everyone should try. " 

Thomas M. Hickey 

Lacrosse (9-10, 12), Golf (9-12) 

Class Vice President (9), Senior Committee (12) 

Student Government (9-12), Best Buddies (9-12) 


"In the middle of nowhere only one way to get there. 
You got tot get a little mud on the tires. " 
-Brad Paisley 

Jonathan R. Hicks 

Wrestling (9-12), Soccer (9) 

"You can 't always look at something once and 
understand what it means. That's why we 
have two eyes. " 

Sarah F. Hill 

Winter Track (11) 

"Be yourself everyone else is taken. ' 
-Oscar Wilde 

Sarah V. Hart 

Dance Team (1 1-12), Yearbook (12) 

"No matter how your heart is grieving 
if you keep on believing the dream that you 
wish will come true. " 

Ani R. Hollisian 

Swim Team (9-12) Captain (12) 

Yearbook (12) 


"Be the change you wish to see in the world. " 
-Mahatma Gandhi 

senior index 239 


Senior index 

Julia K. Hoyt 

Dance Team (9-12) Captain (12) 

"But do not hurry the voyage at all. It is better to let it 
last for many years; and to anchor at the island when 
you are old, rich with all you have gained on the way. " 
-Constantine P. Cavafy 

Margo E. Hughes 

Softball (9), SADD (9-10), Yearbook (12) 

"If ever there is tomorrow when we're not 
together... always remember. You are braver than you 
:»~ belie7>e, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you 
think. But the most important thing is, even if we're 
apart...I'll always be with you. " 
-Winnie the Pooh 

Joseph R. Jankord 

SADD Program (9), Rotary Club (10) 
Ping Pong Club (11), Glee Club (12) 
Suicide Prevention 

"To live is to suffer, to survive is to find some 
meaning in the suffering. " 
-Fried rich Nietzche 

No Photo 
J Available 

Jake E.Jensen 

Soccer (9) 

Indoor Track (9-12) Captain (12) 
Outdoor Track (9-12) Captain (12) 
Cross Country (9,1 1-12) Captain (12) 
National Honors Society (12) Vice President (12) 

"I'm a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I 
work the more I have of it. " 
-Thomas Jefferson 

Adam L.Jeswald 

D College 

<<P "Just above, John F. Kennedy 's grave lies a flame that 

never goes out. Rain, snow, and hail can try to 
^ extinguish it but it will always spark back to life. My 
ultimate goal is to create my own flame of passion and 
history that will never be extinguished. I will accomplish 
this goal and my name like J.F.K. 's will never be 
forgotten. " 
-Adam Jeswald 

Sara D.Joy 

Amnesty (11-12), Student Committee (9-12) 

Yearbook (12) 


"Dress like Jackie, act like Audrey, inspire like 

Lilly, and party like Gatsby. " 


Thais P. Jardim 

Winter Track & Field (10) 
Spring Track & Field (10) 

"Don 't cry because its over, smile because 
it happened. " 
-Dr. Seuss 

Sean S.Jenkins 


"When your life flashes before your eyes, make 
sure you have plenty to watch. " 

Alexandra D. Kabachus 

Swimming (9-11) 

"How others see you is not important, 
how you see yourself means everything. 

Patrick J. Kabachus 

Lacrosse (9-10) 

"Only Robinson Crusoe had everything 

done by Friday. " 


Shawn P.Jennette 

Hockey (9-12), Baseball (9-10) 
Cross Country (12) 
National Honors Society (12) 

"Forget about style; worry about results. 
-Bobby Orr 

Victoria L. Kacian 

Basketball (9-10) 
Best Buddies (9) 

"Change is nature. Tlie part we can influence, 
and it starts when we decide. " 

9 3 

Class Of 2013 

Jasmine I. Kayyali 

Tennis (9-10) 

"Work for a cause, not for applause., 
live HJe to express, not to impress. " 

Natalie B. Kehlbeck 

Basketball (9-10), Softball (9-12) Captain (12) 

Skills USA (9-12) 


"Do not follow where the path may lead. Go 
instead where there is no path and leave a trail. " 
-Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Olivia J. Keough 


"Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of 
the future, concentrate the mind on the present 
moment. " 

Sabina Khalid 

Skills USA (10-12), National Honors Society (12) 

"// i impossible to live without failing at something, 
unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not 
have lived at all in which case, you fail by default. " 
-JK Rowling 

Lauren B. Kiely 

Swimming (9-12) 
Track and Field (9-10) 

"Be who you are and say what you feel because 
those who mind don V matter and those who 
matter don V mind. " 
-Dr. Seuss 

r Brendan J. Kilban 

Track and Field (9), Cross Country (10) 
Golf (11), National Honors Society (12) 
Best Buddies (12) 

"Some people want it to happen, some wish it 
would happen, others make it happen. " 
-Michael Jordan 

Jennifer S. Kimball 

Soccer (9-12) 

Winter Track (9-12) Captain (12) 
Spring Track (10-12) Captain (12) 
Tennis (9) 

"What lies behind us and what lies before us are 
matters compared to what lies within us. " 
-Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Alexandra R. King 

Gymnastics (9-10) 

Lacrosse (9-12) Captain ( 1 1-12) 

Volleyball (9-12) Captain (11) 


"Anything is possible if you put your mind to it. ' 

Jordan A. Kinnear 

National Honors Society (12) 

I "Don't cry because it's over. Smile because 
it happened. " 
-Dr. Seuss 

Rebecca L. Kowalski 

Volleyball (9) 
Drama (10-12) 
Chorus (10-12) 

"Life isn V about findingyourselj. Life is 
about creating yourself." 
-George Bernard Shaw 

Sean P. Kupris 

Basketball (9), Volleyball (9-10) 
Soccer (9-10), Lacrosse (1 1-12) 

"Good, better, best. Never let it rest. Until 
your good is better and your better is best. " 
-Tim Duncan 

Ariana S. LaFavre 

Winter Track (9) 
Spring Track (9-10) 

"The trick is to enjoy life. Don V wish away 
your days, waiting for better one 's ahead. " 


Ryan A. LaFazia 

Football (9-12), Wrestling (9) 
y Military 
"I'm the type to say a prayer, then 
go get what I just prayed for. " 
-Meek Mills 

. j Paige M. Lambert 
I Soccer (9), Basketball (9-1 1) 
I Lacrosse (9-10), Hockey (12) 
I College 

^ "We carry all these things inside that no one 
else can see. They hold us down like anchors, 
they drown us out at sea. " 
-Bum pa 

James Lamour 

Football (9-12) 

Kevin T. Le 

Track and Field (9-10) 
Lacrosse (11) 

"If I had one wish it would be to have 
more wishes, duh. " 
-Kid Cudi 

Tan Q, Le 

Soccer (11) 

"Be yourself and play on. " 
-Tan Le 

"I hate to lose more than I love to win. " 

P. U 

Jennifer L. Laracy 

Gymnastics (9-12) Captain (12), Soccer (9-11) 
National Honors Society (12) 

Senior Committee (12) 


"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. 
Live the life you have always imagined. " 

Brett W. LeBarron 

Best Buddies (9-12), Ping Pong (10-11) 
German Club (11) 

"Think of yourself as dead. You have lived your 
life. Now take what 's left and live it properly. " 
-Marcus Aurelius 

Kyle L. Lebherz 

Volleyball (11-12) 

"Forget about style, worry about results. " 
-Bobby Orr 

Jeremie M. LeBlanc 


"I don V mind having a few scars, just as long as I can 
see them. It's the ones that you can 't see that sting. " 
i -Jeremie LeBlanc 

Jack M. Lehan 

Football (9-12), Hockey (9-12) 

Baseball (9-12) 


"Heroes get remembered but legends never die. 

Michelle J. Lento 

Automotive Technology (9-12) 
Work Force 

"How do you like me now? Now that I'm on my way, 
do you still think I'm crazy standing here today?" 
-Toby Keith 

Michael T. Leonard 

Baseball (10-12) 

"I'm not saying I'm gonna change the world, but I 
guarantee that I will spark the brain that will change 
the world. " 
-Tupac Shakur 

Abbey R. Liebert 

Soccer (9-12) Co-Captain (11), Outdoor Track (9-10), 
Indoor Track (9-11), Class Historian (10-12), National 
Honors Society (12), Student Committee (1 1-12) 

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. " 
-Lao Tzu 

Jared T. Lind 

Wrestling (11), Skills USA (11-12) 
Technical School 

"Time if a funny thing, you spend the first part 
of your life wanting it to just speed up, and the 
rest of your life wishing it would slow down. " 
-Johnathan Vigil 

Class Of 2013 

John D. Lynch 

Soccer (9-12) Co-Captain (12) 

"The harder I work, the luckier I get. ' 
-Thomas Jefferson 

Abigail C. Lisinski 

Softball (9-12), Basketball (10) 

Yearbook (12) 


"// is better to be hated for what you are than 
to be loved for what you are not. " 
-Andre Gide 

Michael A. Lombardi 

Golf (9) 

Student Committee (12) 

"This is a house of learned doctors!' 
-Dale Doback 

Kellianne Long 

Basketball (9-10), Soccer (9-11) 

Yearbook (12) 


"If you can 't change your fate, change 
your attitude. " 
-Amy Tarn 

Michael J. Lynch 

Soccer (9-12) Co-Captain (12) 
National Honors Society (12) 

"Pain is temporary. It may last a minute, or an hour, 
or a day, or a year, but eventually it will subside and 
something else with take its place. Ifhowroer I quit, it 
lasts forever. " 
-Lance Armstrong 

Georgianna M. MacDonald 

i Skills USA (10-12), Advisory Board CTE (10-12) 

"I can V tell you the key to success, but the key to 
failure is trying to please everyone. " 
-Ed Sheeran 

Ryan P. MacDougall 

Football (9), Glee Club (12) 
Track and Field (9-12) Captain (12) 

"Courage doesn 't always roar. Sometimes courage is 
the little voice at the end of the day that says I'll try 
again tomorrow. " 
-Mary Ann Radmacher 

Victoria M. Long 

Softball (10) 

"Breathe. Let go. And remind yourself that 
this very moment is the only one you know 
you have for sure. " 
-Oprah Winfrey 

Shane M. Lydon 


"Sometimes when I close my eyes, I can 't see. 
-Shane Lydon 

Eileen D. MacKintire 

Cross Country (9-12), Winter Track (9-12) 
Lacrosse (9), Spring Track (10-12) 
Treasurer (10-12), Junior Committee (11) 
Senior Committee (12) 

"Do all that is expected of you... and then some. ' 
-Terry Martinson 

Jessica N. MacNeil 

SADD (11-12) 

National Honors Society (12) 

Yearbook (12) 


"The future belongs to those who believe in 
the beauty of their dreams. " 
-Eleanor Roosevelt 

senior index 243 

Senior Index 

Ryan A. MacNeil 

Lacrosse (9-12) 

"If opportunity doesn V knock, build a door. 
-Milton Berle 

Erin E. Mahoney 

Junior Committee (11) 
Senior Committee (12) 

"Before you ask which way to go, remember 
where you 've been. " 
-All Time Low 

Rebecca M. Manougian 

Track (9), Softball (10) 

"There is only one way to happiness, and that 
is to cease worrying about things which are 
beyond the power of our will. " 

. - 

Paige E. Mathewson 

Soccer (9-12), Gymnastics (9-12) Captain (12) 
Lacrosse (9-12), Vice President (10) 

"The three D's: drive, determination, and dedication, 
mean nothing without heart. " 
-Donald Mathewson 

Catherine L. McCall 

J College 

— ~ "Dreams are never too big; dream big. 

"r r \ -Catherine L. McCall 

Timothy M. McCue 

Basketball (10-12), Cross Country (9-12) 

Indoor Track (9) 


"People seem to like me because I am polite and 
rarely late. I like to eat ice cream and enjoy a nice 
pair of slacks. " 
-Brick Tamland 

Cullen R. Mansfield 


'Your mom goes to college. 
-Mike Glavin 

Makayla N. McDonald 

Color Guard (11-12) 

"Live life without regrets, and always 
remember the small things. " 
-Makayla N. McDonald 

Mitchell B. Martinez 


"Don V take life for granted. Life is the time we 
enjoy here on earth. Enjoy it. " 
-Mitchell B. Martinez 

Lauren E. McDonald 

Environmental Club (9-10) 
Anime Club (9) 
Drama (10-11) 

"Only the best for Weymouth High. 
-Lauren E. McDonald and friends 

Kevin J. Marsters 

Hockey (9-10), Lacrosse (9-12) 
Golf (11-12) 

"Life is like a box oj chocolates, you never 
know what you 're gonna get!" 
-Forrest Gump 

Nicholas B. McGhee 


"All you need is love. " 

-The Beatles 

244 senior index 

. i 

Margaret G. McGrath 

National Honors Society (12) 
Amnesty International (11-12) 

"Just don V give up trying to do what you really 
want to do. Where there is love and inspiration, 
I don '/ think you can go wrong. " 
-Ella Fitzgerald 

Rachel L. McGrath 

Soccer (9-12), Winter Track (10) 

Spring Track (9-10), Ultimate Fnsbee (1 1-12) 

National Honors Society (1 1-12) 


"Dream as big as you want, because everyday 
they come true... " 
-Hunter Hayes 

Class of 2013 

Sarah E. Mello 

SADD(ll), Yearbook (12) 

"Do not go where the path may lead, go instead 
where there is no path and leave a trail. " 
-Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Natasha Mercado Rosario 


"Everything happens for a reason, in time, 
we will know that reason. " 
-Natasha Mercado Rosario 

Anne L. Mclnnis 

Softball (9), SADD (9-10) 
Chorus (10-11) 

"We can each take different paths in life, but 
no matter where we go, we take a little of 
each other everywhere. " 
-Tim McGraw 

Samuele N. Mezzetti 

| Lacrosse (9-10) 

"Tough times don 't last but tough people do. 
1 -Fabulous 

Elizabeth A. McKelway 


"Believe you can and your halfway there. " 
-Theodore Roosevelt 

Emily J. Millen 

Swimming (10-12) Captain (12) 

y> Where your pleasure is, there is your treasure: where 
-Saint Augustine 

your treasure is, there is your heart: where your heart 
' is, there is your happiness. " 

Samantha A. McPhee 

Drama (9-12) 
Skills USA (10-11) 

"Always follow your heart, but take your 

brain with you. " 


Michael A. Miller 

Hockey (9-12) 
Lacrosse (9-1 1) 

'You miss 100% of the shots you don't take. 
-Wayne Gretzky 

Sean M. McWade 

Baseball (9-12) Captain (12) 
National Honors Society (12) 

"Ain 't nothing but a "G" thang. 
-Dr. Dre 

Christopher D. Montana 

Golf Team (9-11) 

National Honors Society (12) 


"Remind yourself nobody is built like you, 
you design yourself." 

senior Index 245 

Senior index 

Jarred K. Montero 

Football (9), Baseball (9-12), Hockey (10-12) 

"Every day is a new opportunity... That's the way 
life is, with a new game everyday and that's the 
way baseball is. " 
-Bob Feller 

Courtney E. Morahan 


"People will hate you, rate you, shake you, 
and break you. But how strongyou stand is 
what makes you. " 

Christine M. Murphy 

Soccer (9), Yearbook (12) 
National Honors Society (12) 

"Life isn 't always easy. There are hills but then 
when you least expect it, there are flats that make 
you remember why you love living. " 
-One Tree Hill 

Sean J. Murphy 

Football (9-12) Captain (12) 
Wrestling (9-12) Captain (12) 
Outdoor Track (9,11-12) 

"When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. ' 

Kevin W. Morrissey 

Golf (9-12) Captain (11-12) 
Hockey (9-12), Baseball (9-10) 
Track and Field (11-12) 
National Honors Society (12) 

"Excuses are for the incompetent, they build 
bridges to nowhere and monuments to nothing. 
-Mike Yanovich 

Ashley J. Moscone 


"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. 
Live the life you have imagined. " 

Abbey T. Mount 

Volleyball (10-12) 
Basketball (9-10) 

"Every 60 seconds you spend upset or angry is 
a minute of happiness you '11 never get back. " 

Briana M. Naoum 


"And in that moment, I swear we were infinite. ' 
-Stephen Chbosky 

Joseph J. Nardone 

Hockey (9-12) Captain (1 1-12) 
Football (12) 

"If you 're not first, you 're last. " 

Serena A. Nash 


"When I was five years old my mother 
always told me that happiness was the key to 
life. When I went to school, they asked me 
what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote 
down "happy ". They told me I didn 't 
understand the assignment, and I told them 
they didn 't understand life. " 
-John Lennon 

Kellie A. Mulcahy 

Skills USA (10-12) 

"You can do whatever you want, as long 
as you don 't get caught. " 
-Grandpa Mulcahy 

Michael S. Naughton 

Soccer (9-11) Captain (9, 11) 

|H "Don 't be afraid to give up the good to go for the great. 
Si -John D. Rockefeller 

246 ami or index 

Lisa M. Nault 

Drama (9-12), Robotics (11-12) 
National Honors Society (12), GSA (9) 
Film Club (11-12), Basketball (9-10) 

"Stories never begin nor do they end. Tliey are 
comprised of people living.. As long as stories are 
told they should not have clear endings. " 

Rachel E. Nee 

Drama (9-12), Senior Committee (12) 

Chorus (9-12) 


"/ believe everything happens for a reason... and sometimes 
good things fall apart so better things can fall together. " 
-Marilyn Monroe 

Amanda R. Newell 

Art Club (9), Skills USA (11-12) 

SAPT (9-12) 


"Someday everything will make perfect sense. So 
for now, laugh at the confusion, smile through the 
tears and keep reminding yourself that everything 
happens for a reason. " 

Cameron J. Newton 


"Never let go of the things that keep you 
warm inside. " 
-Such Gold 

Class Of 2013 

Michael S. O'Brien 

Golf (9-12) 

"If tomorrow wasn 't promised what would you give 
for today?" 
-Ray Lewis 

Olivia A. O'Connor 

Lacrosse (9), Yearbook (12) 

"We're so busy watching out for what's just 
ahead of us that we don 't take the time to enjoy 
where we are. " 

-Calvin (Calvin and Hobbes) 

Bridget E. O'Donovan 

Best Buddies (9) 

"Tough times don 't last, tough people do. 
-Gregory Peck 

Alexandra A. O'Hara 

Best Buddies (9), Dance Team (9-12) 

"Often when you think you're at the end of 
something you're at the beginning of something else. 
-Fred Rogers 

Emily L. Noll 

Hockey (9-10), Softball (9-12) Captain (12) 

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed 
by the things that you didn V do than by the ones you 
did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from safe 
harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. 
Dream. Discover. " 
-Mark Twain 

Erin E. O'Brien 

Soccer (9-10), National Honors Society (12) 
Senior Committee (12), Peer Tutor (12) 

"To accomplish great things, we must not only act, 
but also dream; not only plan, but also believe. " 
-Antote France 

Shannon M. O'Leary 

| Best Buddies (9-12), Skills USA (10-12) 
Art Club (12), Senior Committee (12) 

"So, I guess we are who we are for a lot of 
reasons. And maybe well never know most of 
them ... We can still do things and we can try to 
feel okay about them. " 
-Stephen Chbosky 

Kayla M. O'Toole 

Cross Country (9), Winter Track (9) 
Volleyball (9-11) 
1 Lacrosse (9-12) Co- Captain (12) 

"// 's not if you get knocked down, its if 
you get back up. " 
-Vince Lombardi 

Senior Index 

^ Kristen M. Orfanello 


S ''Stand upjor what you believe in even if it means 
shuttling alone. " 

Eric A.M. Pelosi 


John L. Osterman 


"True terror is to wake up one morning and discover 
your high school class is running the country. " 
-Kurt Vonnagut 

Melissa A. Osterman 

Volleyball (9-12), Basketball (9-1 1) 
Lacrosse (9), Yearbook (12) 

"Let it be. " 

Jeannette A. Pacheco 


"This life is what you make it. No matter what, 
you're going to mess up sometimes.. .Keep smiling 
because lifes about a beautiful thing and there's so 
much to smile about. " 
-Marilyn Monroe 

Jonathan D. Palmer 

Work Force 

"Give it your all, and never give up. ' 
-Jonathan Palmer 

Alexander I. Paul 

Basketball (9-12) 

"The choices you make dictate the life 

that you lead. " 


Isabella M. Perfetuo 

Dance Team (9-12) Captain (12) 

"If it 's time to go, remember what you 're leaving, 
remember the best, my friends have always been the 
best of me. " 
-The Eleventh Doctor 

Elizabeth A. Perrotta 


"Don V take life too seriously - nobody makes it out 

alive anyway. " 


David J. Peterson 


"I am the greatest. " 
-Muhammed Ali 

Thomas D. Petrangelo 

Soccer (9-12) 
Hockey (9-10) 

"I didn V choose the thug life, the thug life chose me. 
-Tupac Shakur 

Johnson D. Phan 

Track and Field (9-12) 
Soccer (11) 

"If you want somethingyou 've never had, then you 've 
got to do somethingyou 've never done. " 

Jennifer S. Philemond 

Tennis (11,12), Hiking Club (12) 

Best Buddies (9), Tennage Democrats (12) 


"Do something that i never been done. " 

Tyler S. Phillips 

Spring Track and Field (10-12) Co-Captain (12) 

Winter Track (12) 


"It is what you do with the gift of life that determines 

who you are. " 


Nicole S. Pimentel 


"Take a chance because you never know how perfect 
something can turn out. " 
-/. Cole 

Class Of 2013 

Sarah L. Pineau 

Gymnastics (9-12) Co- Captain (12) 

"Do not worry if you have built castles in the air. Tliey 
are where they should be. Now put the foundations 
under them. " 
-Henry David T/joreau 

Kasey L. Pires 

Skills USA (12), Senior Committee (12) 
Art Club (12), Arts and Literary Club (12) 

"They say the best is yet to come, but I swear 

it's already here. " 


Francesca M. Pizzi 


"Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and its 
better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely 
boring. " 

-Marilyn Monroe 

Michael T. Powers 

Football (9-10) 
Baseball (9-12) Captain (12) 

"Here they laughed at Louis Armstrong when he 
said he was going to go to the moon. Now he's up 
there, laughing at them. " 
-Will Terrell 

Stephen M. Presente 

j Basketball (9-12) 

"Splaaaaaaash Kid. " 
-Stephen Presente 

Joshua C. Primiano 

Golf (9-12) 

Teenage Republican Club (11) 

"Retreat? Hell, we just got here. " 
-Major Lloyd W. Williams 

EllayhaJ. Quinn 

Volleyball (9), Rotary Interact (10-12) 
President (11-12), Skills USA (1 1-12) , 
Marching Band (10-12), Concert (10-12) 
WCAT (11-12), GSA (9-10) 

"Run n in' through the moment as the sun goes 
down, and all I ever wanted was to hear that 
sound. But it 's all Jbryou to prove it, keep on 
movin ', keep on usin ' my shine. " 
-Donald Glover 

Melinda E. Quintero 

Robotics (11-12) 

"Did you fall from a shooting star? One without 
a permanent scar, and did you miss me while 
looking for yourself out there?" 
-Drops of Jupiter 

Caroline M. Racicot 

Winter Track (9-10) 
Spring Track (9-10) 

"The most important thing is to enjoy your life, to 
be happy, that 's all that matters. " 
-Audrey Hepburn 

senior index 249 

Senior index 

Melissa C. Ray 

Swimming (10-12) 

"W/jat's meant for you will not pass you by. 
-Melissa Ray 

James E. Reilly 

Soccer (9-12) 

"Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. 
-Albert Einstein 

Taylor M. Rheault 

Hockey (9-12) Captain (12) 

Soccer (9) 


"Winning isn 't everything, wanting to is. 1 

Rachel V. Ricciuti 

Cross Country (10-12), Indoor Track (10-12) 
Outdoor Track (9-12) Co-Captain (12) 
Soccer (9), Gymnastics (9) 
National Honors Society (12) 

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the 
courage to continue that counts. " 
-Winston S. Churchill 

Michael N. Richardson 


"The world is a blank canvas of opportunity and 
you can do anything you want to it, you just need 
to learn how to mold it, and make it yours. " 
-Michael Richardson 

Bridget E. Riley 

Softball (9-12), Color Gaurd (10) 

Yearbook (12) 


"You can 't live your life for other people. You 've 
got to do what's right for you, even if it hurts 
some people you love. " 
-Nicholas Sparks 

Jill E. Riley 

Cross Country (10-12) 

Indoor Track (9-12) Captain (12) 

Outdoor Track (9-12) Captain (12) 

Class Secretary (11-12) 


"If you have good thoughts, they will shine out of your 
face like sunbeams and you will always looks lovely. " 
-Ronald Dahl 

Allison M. Ritchie 

Best Buddies (9-10) 

"Do not go where the path may lead; go instead where 
there is no path and leave a trail. " 
-Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Andrew P. Roberts 

Employment/ College 
i "Nothing is true, everything is permitted OR the 
cake is a lie, OR all that we see or seem is but a 
dream within a dream. " 
-Edgar Allen Poe 

Zachary R. Rogers 

Lacrosse (9) 

Golf (9-12) Captain (10-12) 
Hockey (9-12) 

Sean P. Rose 

Tennis (9-12) Co Captain (12) 

"Now Tm just starting to realize, I'm 

living my own life. " 


Jordan R. Rosenburg 

Volleyball (9), WHS Theater Company (9-12) 
Senior Committee (12), Softball (9-12) 
Rotary Interact Club, VP (11-12) 

"Welcome to your life, there's no turning back, even 
while we sleep. We will find you acting on your best 
behavior. Turn your back on mother nature, everybody 
wants to rule the world. " 
-Darren Criss 

Stephanie M. Russo 

Work Force 

"Live for yourself and no one else. 
-Elizabeth Perrotta 

Anthony P. Sacco 

Soccer (9) 

Volleyball (11-12) Captain (11-12) 

"Whenever there is a meeting, a parting is sure to 
follow. However, that parting need not last forever, 
whether a parting be forever or merely for a short time, 
that is up to you. " 
-Happy Mask Salesman 

Asad M. Sajjad 

Student Senate and Leadership (11-12) 
Teenage Republican Club (12) 
Science and Engineering Club (12) 
Winter Track (12) 

"Success is how high you bounce when you hit the bottom. 
-General George S. Patton 

Class Of 2013 

Adam B. Silverman 

Hockey (9- 12) 

'You miss 100% of the shots you don V take. 
-Wayne Gretzky 

Michael G. Silvia 

WHS Theater Company (9-12) 
Glee Club (9,11,12) 
ygr ) ^ College 

"But it ain't about how hard you hit. It's 
about how hard you can get it and keep 
1 moving forward. How much you take and 
keep moving forward. " 
-Rocky Balboa 

Michael V. Sinopoli 

Basketball (9-11), Lascrosse (9) 
National Honors Society (11-12) 

"Never give up! Failure and rejection are only 
the first steps to succeeding. " 
-Jim Valvano 

Gabrielle Sanders 

Drama (9-12) 
Chorus (11-12) 

"I know the world's a broken bone, but melt your 

headaches call it home. " 


Jessica C. Scott 

Winter Track (9-11) 
Lacrosse (9-12) 

"So be sure when you step. Step with care and great 
tact. And remember that life's a great balancing act. 
Just never forget to be dexterous and deft. And never 
mix up your right foot with your left. " 
-Dr. Seuss 

Caroline Smart 

Soccer (9-10),Gymnastics (9-10), 

Lacrosse (9-12) 


'You can steer yourself any direction you 
choose. You're on your own. And you know 
what you know. And you are the one who'll 
decide where to go " 
-Dr. Suess 

Patrick R. Son 

National Honors Society (12) 

"A man should look for what is, and not for 
what he thinks should be. " 
-Albert Einstein 

Kyle Scott 


"Buy the ticket take the ride. ' 
-Hunter S. Tliomas 

Anthony G. Spadorcia 

Football (12) 
Lacrosse (9-12) 

"It lakes two to tango. " 
-Billy Madison 

Senior index 

Derek E. Sprague 

Concert Band (9-12), Jazz Band (10-12) 
Ultimate Frisbee (1 1-12), Variety Show (10) 

"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take. " 
-Wayne Gretzky 

Margaret K. Sprague 

Volleyball (10), Lacrosse (9-12), Student Committee 



"Life is about laughing and living, in good and bad times, getting 
through whatever eomes our way and looking back and smiling. " 

Sean M. Stanley 


"We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we 
think. Wfjen the mind is pure, joy Jollows like a shadow 
that never leaves. " 

Sean J. Stanton 

Hiking Club (11) 

'You can 't just go around naming 
everything Ricky Randy. " 
-Sean Stanton 

Kelly A. Stella 


'You only live once, but if you do it right once is enough. 

Emilee T. Stevens 

Cross Country (9-12) Captain (12), Basketball (9-12) 
Captain (12), Lacrosse (9), Track (10-12) Captain (12) 

"Sometimes you will never know the true value of a moment 
until it becomes a memory. " 
■Dr. Seuss 

Michelle E. Stevenson 

Soccer (9-1 1), Track (9-12), Winter Track (11) 
WCAT (10-11), Peer Mediation (9-12) 
V College 

1 "There are jar, jar better things ahead than any we leave behind. 
x ' Unknown 

Jarrod D. Stokes 

Football (9-12), Winter Track (10) 

Lacrosse (10-12) 


"Don 't do anything you wouldn 7 want to explain 
to the paramedics. " 
-John Belushi 

Devon E. Stone 

Senior Committee ( 12), Skills USA 

'You can have anything in life, if you 
will sacrifice everything else for it. " 
-Peter Pan 

MichaelaJ. Stuart 

Soccer (9-12), Basketball (9-12) 

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, 
therefore, is not an act but a habit. " 

Akere M. Tambi 

Soccer (9-12), Winter Track (12) 

Analiza G. Tavares 

Cross Country (9-10), Winter Track (9) 

Spring Track (9-10) 


"Work hard pays back. " 

Brendan M. Tevenan 

Best Buddies (9-12), Outdoor Track (10-12) 
Work Force 

"Do what is expected of you and then some. " 
-Rev. Terry Martinson 

Courtney L. Thomas 

Chorus (9-12), Gay Straight Alliance (9-12) 

'You 11 figure it out. And you won 't need magic, 
trust me. Just be patient, the answer will come to 
you somehow. " 
-Andrew Hussie 

252 senior index 

Christopher T. Thorton 

Hockey (9-12) 
Golf (10-12) 

"Most people don V recognize opportunity 
because it comes disguised as hard work. " 

Cody P. Tilton 

Baseball (9-12) 
Cross Country (12) 

"In the end they 'II judge us anyway. So whatever. ' 
-Kid Cudi 

Lauren M. Timmins 

National Honors Society (12) 
Swim Team (9,12) 
Spring Track (9-10) 

"It is not where you've been or what you've 
done that defines you; what defines you is who 
you are at this very moment and what you do 
and where you go in the future. " 
-Lauren Timmins 

Liam T. Torney 

Soccer (9-12) 
Lacrosse (9) 

'You get what you put in. " 

Gabrielle J. Toro-McCue 

Soccer (9-12) Captain (12) 
Winter Track (9-10) 
Spring Track (9) 

"Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land 
among the stars. " 
-Les Brown 

Emma L. Toye 

Dance Team (9-12) Captain (12) 

"How lucky I am to have something that makes saying 
goodbye so hard. " 
-Winnie Hie Pooh 

Class Of 2013 

Sara A. Toye 

Dance Team (l 1-12), Best Buddies (9) 
National Honors Society (12) 

"We need never be hopeless, because we can never be 
irreparably broken. We think that we are invincible 
because we are. We cannot be born, and we cannot die.. " 
-John Green 

Nicole K. Travers 
Glee Club (11-12) 

"Love is louder than the pressure to be perfect. " 
-Demi Lovato 

Charlotte J. Tucci 

Softball (9-12) 

"Do not follow where the path may lead. Go, instead, 
where there is no path and leave a trail. " 
-Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Michael J. Umano 

Baseball (9-12) 

"I've failed over and over and over again 
in my life and that is why I succeed. " 
-Michael Jordan 

David M. Vallier Jr. 


"I am not going to sit on my butt as the events that affect 
me unfold to determine the course of my life. I'm going to 
| take a stand. I'm going to defend it. Right or wrong, I'm 
going to defend it. " 

Marissa L. Varrasso 

Student Government (9), Class President (10-12) 

Best Buddies (9-10) 


"If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, 
and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he 
will meet with success unexpected in common hours. " 
-Henry David Tlmreau 

Cassandra L. Veillette 


"In three words I can sum up everything I've learned 
about life: it goes on. " 
-Robert Frost 

senior index 253 

Senior index 

William C. Villodas 


"By creating a dream, a become 
immortal. " 
-Saw II 

Mark A. Vitello 

Soccer (9), Lacrosse (9-12) Captain (11-12) 
National Honors Society (1 1-12) 

"Champions aren 't made in gyms. Champions are 
made from something they have deep inside them - a 
desire, a dream, a vision. They have to have kill, and 
the will. But the will must be stronger than the skill. " 
-Muhammad AH 

David M. Warner 

Winter Track (10-11) 

"Well you see, the people have a voice inside of them 
that talks to them, you know.. .if you listen good you 
will know the right way, you know, because there is a 
voice inside talking to everyone. " 
-Robert Nesta Marley 

Sarah L. Waters 


"Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius, and it's 
i better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely 
boring. " 

-Marilyn Monroe 

Breanna L. Webb 


"I'm at the startin ' line of the rest of my life, as ready 
as I've ever been. Got the hunger and the stars in my 
eyes, the prize is mine to win. " 
-Miley and Billy Ray Cyrus 

Shawn R. Weikel 

Soccer (9, 1 1), Lacrosse (9-12) 

"Happiness is not somethingyou postpone for the 
future, it is somethingyou design for the present. " 
-Jim Rohn 

Randy M. Welch 


"Don 't use this as a quote. ' 
-Ranch M. Welch 

Courtney R. Whitman 


"Life is not measured by the number of 
breaths we take, but by the moments that 
take our breath away. " 

Jenna M. Wilson 

Soccer (9-11) 

"Do what you feel in your heart to be right 
for you will be criticized anyway. " 
-Eleanor Roosevelt 

essica N. Woolf 

Tennis (11-12), Hiking Club (12), Friends of 
Rachel (10), Teenage Democratic Club (12) 

"I can't go back to yesterday because 
I was a different person then. " 
-Alice in Wonderland 

Sarah M. Wyman 

Winter Track (9-12), Spring Track (9-12) 
Cross Country (10, 12) 

"It's now time to put your big boy and big 
girl pants on. " 
-Coach John Connolly 

Danielle L. Zabala 

Basketball (9-10), Winter Track (11) 

Spring Track (10-12) 


"Never regret anything because at one time 
it was exactly what you wanted. " 
-Bill Smith 

Andrew J. Zaleski 

Lacrosse (9-12) 

"And when you get to the point where all you want 
to do is be successful as bad as you want to breathe, 
then you will be successful. " 
-Eric Thomas 

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